Volunteers use the sticks to beat the police. • Recognize the cost in advance of obtaining cash.


Police Police Nong Prue brought Police Station mouth to the mouth after a 2-year-old boy was used.

In the case of a 2-year-old boy requesting that he was a police officer, Nong Prue used Chonburi Police Station, an army of nearly 2 meters in length. And they must sew up to 3 needles until it has become socially criticized Who did previous work This person told the police that he felt sorry and did not intend to hurt them. (Ancestry link here)

This evening (28 March 62) Pol.Lt. Col. Panuphon Jong-apichai, K.S.Sor.Nor.PorPr. The proprietor came to question a 2-year-old boy at Bangladesh Hospital. Taking around 2 hours to complete your journey back You have not yet published information

Since then, Pol. The owner of the case returned to Nong Prue's Police Station appearing on the same night. Police officers Mr Chakrapop Boonrod, a police volunteer, Nong Prue Police Station, gave evidence to the investigating officer. Before you go back to using money to find out

Initial case of owner of physical and physical injury Though other fees would have to be awaited from the licensee of Bangladesh Hospital. Determine which of the features and give the owner of any additional costs.

The reporter also said that many Facebook users had sent a message on Mr's Facebook page. If the event happened, then the Facebook site had to be closed. But today he found out that Mr Jakrapop had returned to Facebook again.

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