Volvo about the competitors' competitions: "Inntlaich"


On Tuesday, the message was sent to the Swedish truck company and trumpet Einride to get a green light from the Swedish Transport Agency to test motorcycle lorries on public roads.

With this message, Einride can transform the reorganization of experimental projects with the German logic index, DB Schenker. Einride piloted his vehicle, formerly a T-pod, within a fenced area in the DB Schenker logistics center in Jönköping. Now you can also make a self-determination between the logistics lodges.

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This means it is now possible to run experiments with internal, self-contained electric and self-propelled lorries on the Volvo lorries and the Scania regions.

Last September, Volvo Vera, a power and self-container vehicle, known as an Einride Pod, is capable of handling transport between supply areas. Type of tractor that drivers can be driven between different parts of, for example, a logistics center.

Volvo Vera project, connected by trailer.

Robert Falck, co-founder and CEO Einride, has a background as a director of Volvo lorries. But the old employer does not want to comment on Einride's new success.

“We don't refer to competitors. We do what we can and other companies can work on their own, ”said Volvo Trucks, Media Manager Jan Strandhede.

But how do you look at the current success of Einride, is it able to drive automated technology forward for the industry at large?

"It is always exciting when a lot of players work with the same ideas, utterly."

Jan Strandhede emphasizes that Volvo not only focuses on entirely autobiographical vehicles, but rather time has to be seen by human drivers, especially when it comes to transport further on public roads.

On the other hand, Volvo has a de facto interest in developing ladders at transport and freight hubs, which the Vera development project is verifying.

“We see the difficulty in the traffic situation, the more challenging it is to drive completely independently. We therefore see a number of levels of automatic measures, where the driver continues to play an important role and drive entirely in the solution of controlled environments. a major example of what is happening around the vehicle, for example in mines, airports, logistics and ports areas. “Jan Strandhede said.

However, Volvo Trucks have not produced a contentious schedule for Vera. This could mean that Einride has taken a big step now, although Vera has not yet planted the next goal.

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