Vonn leaped his knee when she collapsed, laying down Loch Louise


The American Downhill League has to lose World Cup races in Lake Louise, Canada.

November 21, 2018 at 8:48 m. TASR

American football captain Lindsey Vonn became anxious during the training session and has to stop the upcoming races in Lake Louise, Canada (November 30 – 2 December).

Four winners were wins in SP during training on Monday-Monday. However, according to the social network statement, it does not work.

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"Loch Louise is the best stop ever in the series and I'm really sorry to be out last year," he said on Twitters's three-time Olympic base.

In Lake Louise, the first races that are going into a range of subjects will take place, and women and one G will have two trips.

Just before, they have a slalom and slalom program in Killington, where Vonn was not going to start. After the season, the last 34-year slalom is to terminate an active role.

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