Vote on its Electronic Communications Code Continue this Wednesday … USE ALL!


After its confirmation of Saturday, 25th November, 2018 with the Culture and Communications Committee, draft Law No. 28/2018 on & # 39; Electronic Communications Code was voted by the National Assembly on Wednesday, November 28, 2018. Taken, it is a free and open internet end in Senegal, now it's censorship and th & # 39; there.

In order to make this law suitable for Senegal, it is given as an instrument to fight anti-abuse on the internet, which is a "suffering story" and information on which there is no provision managing the use of social networks in this code and no social networking, either in the explanatory memorandum or in the objectives.

Indeed, it is a legal framework for the circulated internet that is set up, as the president's election in February 2019. And, their applications are expressed already for the law to be executed after release.

From now on, the remoteness of the president's election is threatened and the internet is a political weapon at the authorities service. All dangers, political challenges, civil society organizations, timber, journalists, etc.

By taking it by the Government and its vote with the landlords to prove that the Senegal authorities do not; the question of respect for human rights and the fundamental freedom of citizens in the ICT department is at the heart of this country's digital policy.

It is now up to Senegalic citizens who bring all the effects on the decisions of the anti-Senegal lesbian authorities.

CHRIOSDAIDH (Senegalese Association of ICT Users)

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