Vote to accept the Law on Cultivation and the Law on Animals


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National Da Nang National Assembly's representative body agreed to adopt the Law on Animals. Photograph: Phuong Hoa / TTXVN

To create guidance and policies on agricultural development

With members of the National Assembly 455/461 present, 93.81% agree to the National Assembly of Law on Cultivation. With 7 chapters, 85 articles, the Law on Cultivation; Rights and responsibilities of organizations and individuals involved in agriculture; State management of cultivation.

Earlier, the Sustainable Committee of the National Assembly, Chairman of the National Assembly for Science, Technology and Environment Committee, Phan Xuan Dung reported the report on the draft Law on Crop forwarding.

In particular, on agricultural policy (Article 5), the representatives of the National Assembly which propose the policy mentioned in point, clarify Table 2 of Article 5, therefore, a priority policy should be for Rice Production support, recycling, agricultural land cultivation. In this regard, the National Assembly's Sustainability Committee reports: Currently, guidance is given to civil land under the Land Law Act, Riad Àir. 134/2016 / QH13 about & # 39; development of land use planning to 2020 and the national land use plan (2016-2020) to ensure the storage of 3.8 million hectares of rushes.

However, current current practice is lower than some other crops, and so it is likely that some people will be able to access them. turn the area to another crops with higher economic efficiency. or abandoned him. In order to overcome this situation, the State has many policies to support agriculturalization in accordance with the 35/2015 / ND-CP command on the management of Russian land; Order No. 42/2012 / ND-CP on the management and use of land; Order No. 02/2017 / ND-CP on mechanisms and policies to support agricultural production to restore product in areas affected by natural accidents and diseases; Order No. 58/2018 / ND-CP on agricultural insurance … to support rose freedoms and ensure food security. So, to get feedback from the National Assembly, the draft law has shown that the policy supports representation only for the department in its planning and is highlighted as Point e , Section 2 of Article 5.

In terms of the terms for fertilizer and supercarry trade (Article 41, Article 42), it is proposed to consider and amend the terms of reference for fertilizer products to have environmental protection plans in Schedule 2 Section 41; The conditions for buying and selling fertilizers need to ensure a fire and fighting decision and environmental protection and defense obligations in Section 2, Article 42.

The National Assembly's Sustainability Committee finds that the environmental protection requirements, environmental commitments and fire prevention and fighting requirements are set out in the law on Environmental Protection, the Law on Change Fire and Fighting and the Documents that guide the implementation of these laws. In the Law on Agriculture only the compulsory conditions for fertilizer are for the specialized agencies to have the option of giving elective qualifications; At the same time, production and compost trade must comply with legal law provisions, including environmental protection, fire prevention and fighting. These contents have already been shown at Point 2, Article 50, Article 50 about the responsibilities of bodies and individuals who make compost; Item h, Section 2 of Article 51 on the responsibilities of groups and persons who are a merchant trade. Therefore, the National Assembly's Sustainability Committee called on the National Assembly to not; add to what is contained in the draft law.

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Transport & # 39; Praise the full text of Law on Animal Representation. Photograph: Phuong Hoa / TTXVN

Meet international integration requirements in livestock activities

The Animal Work Law was accepted by 454/464 votes, accounting for 93.61%. Laws that manage a livestock industry; Rights and responsibilities of organizations and individuals in animal work; State guidance on stock with 8 chapters, 83 articles.

In terms of the principle of stock production, the Animal Animal Law aims to: Increase the value of animal work throughout the chain, and, utilizing the benefits and benefits of the departments to meet domestic and export applications; To implement scientific and technological advances in animal work to increase productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the farm industry; Ensure food safety, disease safety, environmental protection and response to climate change; Generating gene generating gene stocks of stock stocks, generating and generating gene stores of rare and rare stocks; Introduce rapidly the world's genetic progress; to compile today's stock with traditional stock; Developing suitable animal life for ecological zones. At the same time, the following principles are: Social representation of stock, ensuring compliance with the interests of the State with the interests of organizations and individuals in stock development; Equalities among organizations, individuals and economic sectors in animal work; Meeting international integration requirements, and # 39; Adhere to contracts with the Vietnam Socialist Republic as a contracting party.

In terms of stock and stock supplies, the law states that stock and feed materials that have been introduced should require the foundation, source, quality, food safety and emergency security. as prescribed by law. Before entering the borders of the Vietnamese Socialist Republic at the boundary gateways as ordered, animals introduced and animal products will be inspected for quality, food safety and disease safety according to regulations. of Vietnamese law.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development will consider and report to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Determination of legal documentation, implementation of the activation system and the conditions for making and writing; sale of stock and animal products in the original country as specified. Vietnam League and contracts where the Vietnam Socialist Republic is a contract party in a case: Equal recognition; Initially introduced from the original country; Finding the risk that impacts on the quality, environment, food safety, the safety of stock material diseases.

In cases where there are high risk of food safety and epidemiological safety at the results of animals that are introduced, they must check their produce and / or supply centers in the originating countries before they can introduced. Stock materials included in law breach of quality, food safety and emergency recovery need to be dealt with according to legal provisions. The Government will Identify Point d, 3, 3 of this Article; Permission to include live animals for food and coasts live animals are introduced into Vietnam.

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