Voting votes, M5S. Now the Democratic Party has gone away. And the League is still traveling


Enrico Mentana this process is sure to be the subject of considerable debate. And maybe it is like that: because the turkey is associated with the Five Star movement, which is growing in crisis with consensus (at least according to the pollsters). A few months before the Europeans, the party will not be led by Luigi Di Maio to ban the blood.

According to the research issued with the news La7 of course, the League is still running without sinking and it is confirmed as the first part in Italy by 33.7% of the votes, with + 0.3% compared to the last Monday. On the other hand, the government's colleagues work trudge: the M5S of course, after Tav's case, he lost 0.3 more percentage points. Now it is 21.8%, very far from last year's policies. But above everything, that's very close to Nicola Zingaretti's new Democratic Party.

The main impact on a move seems to be at least slightly Democratic Party, t which receives 0.5 points and reaches 20.3%. This is partially apart from the grid. For others, Forza Italia continues to grow at 8.9% (+0.1) and fratelli your Italia, a little down, at 4.1%.

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