Vox populi: The Government is supporting the public


The opinion survey of Vox Populi showed that Marjan Sarc's government agreed public support, as it has been successfully evaluated by 44% of respondents, which is again more than in October.

The SDS is led by a party with a 18% support, although SD is ahead of LMŠ by 14.7%, which would be thrown by 12.2% of respondents.

As successful, government work was measured by 44.2 per cent of respondents, 37.3 per cent unsuccessful, and 18.5% per cent. In comparison, in October's survey, 20.1 per cent of respondents responded to government support, 36.8% said it was unsuccessful, and 43.1% of respondents were explained.

SDS, the second SD, LMŠ won the third part

If there were elections today, the SDS won 18 per cent of the vote. The second SD would be thrown by 14.7% of the respondents, and LMŠ went to the third with 12.2 percent support.

Levico had chosen 8.1 per cent of respondents, NSi would receive 6.2%, SMC five percent, DeSUS and SNS 3.7 per cent and SSA 2.3 per cent.

17.5 per cent of respondents are unsure and 6.4 per cent participate in the elections.

Seating calculations in the National Assembly indicate that SDS will receive 22 seats, SD 18, LMŠ 16, Levica ten, NSi eight, SMC six, DeSUS and SNS four. A SA would stay at the parliamentary door.

Compared to the October survey, most of its commitments have been received in SD, but lost its output; most of them in LMŠ.

Sharec is second

President of the Borut Pahor Republic is still on top of the list of politicians, and Prime Minister Marjan Šarec is second. Followers are the European Commissioners Violet Bulk and the European MP Tanja Fajon, and then vice president NSi Ljudmila Novak.

The first ten is President of the National Assembly and SD Dejan Židan, SD Milan Brglez Advocate, Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Jankovič, CEO of SAB and Minister of Infrastructure Alenka Bratušek and MEP Lojze Peterle.

The public Vox poll was held by Ninamedia for Dnevnik and Radiotelevizija Slovenija between 19 and 20 November on a sample of 700 people.

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