VRUTAL / The new Dest Dest 2 experience offers three Los Renegados media content players


Bungie, Activision and Visions Vision are delivering Destiny 2: Los Renegados Annual Pass, which is a offers new content of players and new experiences, from December 2018 to August 2019. Extending the playing experience to fans, the Annual Pass of Growth 2: Those who are going on & # 39; presents additional challenges and awards to the most distinctive players in the Destiny community. Three different seasons will support the Destiny 2 Annual Pass, with each of its own changes around its experience; player.

Expansion of Destiny 2 knowledge: The Renegades, the most difficult time in the history of Destiny, the Pass Pass and the Black Armory begin a new approach to the " get content, create a world in a sustainable change and development, it is designed that the updates continue to display; developed. The first week is & # 39; provides for the Defense Forge of Volundr, a completely new cooperative activity, which allows them to create new weapons and their application. Week 1 of the Black Armory also provides a new knowledge of invasion, in a new environment.

Throughout the session, players will have the opportunity to visit the Black Armory, to clear the Lost Lost and to get new weapons, along with updates for all Destiny 2 players, & # 39; including live events such as La Aurora and Los Días Crimson Na All Destiny 2 players: Those who have been able to expand the power by 50 points. Seasonal content for the Black Army is now available, and will be available until 4 March 2019.
The Destiny 2: The Annual Pass is now available for PlayStation®4, the Xbox One family family, including Xbox One X, and PC via Battle.net.

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