ORLANDO – The biggest game in several quarters for the Cincinnati University football team. This is a live update from game Number 24 Bearcats vs. No. 11 UCF Saturday night at Spectrum Stadium, in the Americas Department of Appliances Department.

Updated 9:02 p.m.: A 14-6 lead UCF moved to a 22-buffer touchdown pass by McKenzie Milton quarterback, a wheel drive to return Adrian Killins Jr., just five seconds into the second quarter.

UCF managed 7-6 on UC with a 3-boiler touchdown run by Milton, with 5:28 remaining in the first season.

The Bearcats took a 6-0 lead with 10:33 remaining in the first season, when the International Safety / Invader Malik Clements sent his / her. First play from Milton on knights from scrimmage.

Kimoni Fitz got the end of defending the member in the last zone for a visit, but Cole Smith lost his death; PAT case and left the score 6-0.

The blacksmith of Smith Smith followed his attempt to visit 39-storey land with 7:03 a & 39; left in the first season. That would be a 9-0 lead to UC.

At that time, Smith's 41-garden admission at the end of the first quarter had a surrender, with a 53-yard descriptor with UCF to the 22 -ard Bearcats line.

Previous statement: Just before the game, the newsbox was blurred because UCF fans were in a position; jump up and down in one, waiting to reach their team on the field. There is a large crowd of 44,000-plus, which includes a hundred hundred UC and shield fans; attacking Bearcats.

UC got the envelope but began to be very busy, with a penalty delays and then a foul start of his first two plays. UC made progress for its first down to start the series, and # 39; Thanks two runs for 23 yards with Desmond Ridder quarterback.

UC was then introduced to third-and-9 and did not turn it, and went to a kiss with James Smith. Set up the first startup of Bearcats.

Garrett Campbell's head was back on the way to UC, after he was breaking the ankle on September 29 against UConn.

It was kickoff 64 and clear.

UC (9-1, 5-1 AAC East) was watching UCF (9-0, 6-0 AAC) in a game with the effects of AAC East title. If Cincinnati wins, Teampall (6-1 AAC East) would also live for the title AAC East with one game remaining. UCF will win Saturday & # 39; preserving the region for the Knights.

With multiple breakdown situations, one-to-one first-hand tournament. If there is a three-way path for its first place, the campaigns may be in & # 39; Moving a number of stones down in terms of the best possible level of their; CFP (Football Football) competition.

Last week UC won his / her first place in the College's Football Football voting on Tuesday, studied at No. 24. UCF was the number of Àir. 11.

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It was Saturday 7.5 points; in UC, with the ESPN Matchup Predictor to win 70% chance of UCF.

For UC, one of the most important games of the Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl seasons has been ten years ago by Brian Kelly. These Bearcats this year came from just 4-8 straight weeks.

UC won a first league title in 2014, when the Bearcats were split out on the AAC play. That year, the AAC teams were still divided into one conference and regional play was not yet established.

UC came back to Michael Warren II into the game for 1,082 yards with a 18-year-old school-enrollment school trip. There were 17 Warren electors linked to the school record set by David Small (17 TDs in 1993).

UCF was added with 22 prizes, the most nationally active active strip. Milton, an attack machine, is an attack machine. make national number 9 in total crime (324.4 per game).

The game was against the UCF National 8 scoring crime Number 8 (44.2 each game) against the scoring protection of No. 7 UC (14.9 ppg). The Bearcats went on Saturday and gave 30 points but once a year.

On the other hand, UC was entered as the 28th in scandal crime (35.0) and UCF was connected for 28th in scoring protection (21.2).

After this weekend, each team has one game that lives in the normal season. UC will face to face the South Carolina on Friday; length at Nippert Stadium.

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Cincinnati – 6-0

UCF – 7-7

Reinstate Cin-Fitz in the head of his head

UCF-Milton 3 (Wright Beat)

22 passes from UCF-Killin from Milton (Wright beat)