VSmart Domain, Pham Nhat Vuong's "increase" property was over 11,000 billion in a day


The first week was a favorable trade when the recordings grew significantly, especially VN-Index. With 190 benefits, more than doubled the number of losses, in particular strong support from the VIC department, VN-Index received 17.87 points, or 1.99%, to 916.06 points.

HNX Index also received 0.93 points or 0.91% to 103.95 behind 83 staff against 68 losses.

Despite advanced trends in prices, a market did not appear to; market any significant progress. There were 149.93 million HSX shares sold during the session, equivalent to VND3,617.66 billion; HNX also had 27.4 million shares, equivalent to 372.63 billion.

pham nhat vuong

Mr Pham Nhat Vuong expands its activities in the production area

In this trading day, the VIC section rises to a VND6,300 (7%) roof price to VND96,400. Trading rate reached 1.55 million shares. With this increase, only VICs contributed to VN-Index to 6.28 points. And so the building built on Mr Pham Nhat Vuong's floor to almost 11,751 billion in one trade session.

VIC spoke on the roof just after the social network has been able to; spread the VSmart de Vingroup (VSmart Active 1) phone box image behind "Made in Vietnam".

It was announced that the official launch of the electronic device, beginning with smart Vsmart phones, was published just five months ago with Vingroup. Vsmart was deposited at VinFast in Dinh Vu – the Hai Phong Economic Area and VinSmart Company were established with a key charter of 3,000 billion VND.

The Vingroup phone company works in two main areas: it first makes a satirical lightning, Start by creating smartphones with the brand name Vsmart; The second is a search for research, experimental and arithmetic (AI) AI, automation and new generation products.

Given that the number of stocks currently circulated at 3.19 billion bills, the rising increase today has been valuing market Vingroup to 307,672.29 billion and away from other major market enterprises such as Vinhomes VHM), Vinamilk (VNM), Vietcombank (VCB), PV Gas (GAS) …

Screenshot 2018-11-19 at 7

Vingroup market caps have exceeded the rest of the market (data: VDSC)

Along with the VIC, the main VHM, CTG, VPB, PLX, VCB consensus platform … These strong advantages have had a positive impact on the market.

At the same time, on HNX, the stock contributed significantly to her; ACB, SHB, PGS, PVS … These are all major resources at this trading floor.

According to BVSC, the trading session showed that the logistics of investors showed positive signs in movements; short term market. However, cash flows are still cautious when the potential for market discovery opportunities is still limited in this period.

It is expected that BVSC will continue to rise in the next few sessions. However, after being able to get it today, maybe it's going to get it, market to highlight its & # 39; hitting, changing tomorrow.

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