VTR users are threatening to & # 39; company with a class action lawyer by removing TV channels


"It's a bad weather rising," said the lawyer who represents them.

Users of Sile VTR's telecommunications company have been managing several changes with a & # 39; company, having been aware that several sets have changed from the official grid. There are even threats of class activities (via Cooperativa).

By the beginning of 2019, company users gave a sense that they stopped six channels of American American AMC Networks in their television guides: AMC, El Gourmet, Europe Europe, Film & Arts, More Chic and Sundance TV. The fans, have shown that they are very frightened.

According to ports, Users request a large departure of the company because they have not been informed before the modifications.

Several were organized by social networks and there is even a named lawyer Juan Ignacio Véjar to join them with the company. This is the lawyer sent out to the same media:

"The content type instead of the channels, although it may be the same content, does not look like any quality. There is a user that has been affected I have always agreed decisions and it's bad weather and I think we all agree that VTR can not do what it wants to do with its customers. "

However, Ricardo Guerra, the content and advertising manager of VTR, said that cultural content is now on a company's demand platform and that users have retained the new material in the cable service.

"20% of all new programs are cultural. What happened? In the early 2019 times, the number of people who came to our VOD platforms increased (video on demand) and, also, the time spent by users to increase the new programs was increasing. "

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