Vuelco: Zacaría to eliminate the agreement of U with Soteldo


The University of Chile Fixed position to face to define its squad by looking at the challenges in this 2019 season: His stranger is left.

The agreement for Continuity of Yeferson Soteldo continues to be problematic in U., since now there are six foreign elements for five places, which meant that the blues along the fortifications were suspended after the last hours.

At this time in addition to the Soteldo Venezuelan there are the Argentines Matías Rodriguez and Jonathan Zacaría, and Lucas Aveldaño, Sergio Vittor and Nicolás Oroz should come.

A case about the most difficult things in the U, for the first time out b & # 39; Plan B before leaving Soteldo left, and how the discussions were delayed, the leadership decided that they were in a position; coming from Avellaneda Racing.

However, with the verification that Soteldo lives, Jonathan Zacaría is the one who is looking to borrow, a player who is not expecting to leave the University of Chile after rehabilitation of his / her; chart until late 2019.

"Jonathan has an effective contract and wants a new opportunity in the US. He wants to stay and in the staff who are not sure he will leave it", they are referring to the club.

Due to what is above, and without a foreign quote, Azul Azul has previously decided to suspend the Soteldo loan repository.

Now, if he wants Soteldo to go on and if Zacaría is a Continue to refuse to start a loan, three routes at the U: S & S will give you a positive or no-scheduling. complete Zacaria and pay for the entire season, or They will regret any of the foreign signs that should be reached next week, that is, Vittor, Aveldaño no Oroz.

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