VV Veronika has returned and has a good reputation: she became a mother


VV Veronika it was in the fifth World World phase, but already recognized the public Alekosz she became a "winner" to find a wife. In VV5 VV Cristofell and then the tweed was filled with their relationship connection.

But, a few years ago it was not possible to hear more about it. But now he came back with a big advertisement.

I have lived in America for a long time, which is why I left the public. And recently I started my mom, I have a baby seven weeks. I've never been so happy in my life

VV Veronika said to Focus, who was so secretive that he was not willing to betray his father, but even did not betray the name or gender of the child. We say that the gang of pink babies has been rejected by the group.

The report also says that VV Veronika is still following plasticism, has been involved in a consultation about the chest's chest, but the doctor said she had to wait. Only half a year after the end of its breast may be used.

Special image: RTL Klub

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