VW, Daimler and BMW: China saves the German car business recordings


China has been a sawmill for German automotive companies: 5.5 million cars were sold to VW, Daimler and BMW in 2018 in the most important car market in the world. Without 35.6% of their sales all over the world. These figures are the result of a new study with the EY consultation company.

In a simple language, this means that every third car made by a German-made buyer of the world has now been sold in China So you can not estimate how The importance of the local market is important. Without China, the ever-ever recordings of German automotive companies would have been quite impossible in the last ten years.

The biggest concern for VW, Daimler and BMW has been the recent development of a Chinese car market: for the first time in more than 20 years, China has sold fewer cars in 2018 than a previous year. The total sale fell by just under four percent – an impressive cut in a market full of years.

For Germanic producers, the latest figures were still small by two in China, in 2018 – but in the last three months of the year he dropped significantly, about six per cent.

"Dark clouds in the air"

China's poor economic background is generally in China. In the last quarter of last year, the big home output (GDP) grew to a large extent by 6.4 per cent, the widest of its output; financial case. On the one hand, trade disasters with the US reduce down the economy. On the other hand, experts also watch special love in many Chinese markets: At some of the places, everyone from a Chinese middle class has bought a car and a smartphone . The next one does not have to be. Especially since China's government affected the car in recent years with a tax breach, which has now declined.

But what does that mean for German equipment makers? China is particularly important for the VW group, which now sells 40 per cent of the cars there. Daimler and BMW reach 28 and 26 percent, respectively. The completion of this development would affect the three hardships.

"Since the year-end is very weak in the Chinese passenger car market, the business is preparing for a difficult year in 2019," said Fuss, an EY Partner. "It is not clear now at least whether the decline in sales is going on, or whether the market comes back. We see dark clouds in the air, but we do not know there is a storm storm. "

There may be a lot of responsibility for whether Chinese sovereignty is thriving in & # 39; bringing back the economy back. In recent years, it has reduced the growth by slowing up loans and so on. Debting of companies and consumers. Now, she could take a little the restriction.

"The Chinese government has already translated in an earlier period of weakness and tax incentives to encourage the new car market," says the EY casualties. "And at the moment it is likely that billet dollar economic incentive programs could again benefit from the benefit of the car market."

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