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In association with the Volkswagen logo, Barcelona will develop an Ibiza electric vehicle or Fabia car. This is the outline version of the MEB model for electric vehicles. Different vehicles will be around four meters in length. The platform can be submitted with all world signs, see Meo.

The new platform is creating prices for affordable electric cars with an admission price of over 20 miles (below a million pounds). The Virgin Islands project will not involve more than 300 characters inns.

There is a clear place to play in the Volkswagen Group and the new electric platform was developed due to the performance of the NM, of Meo. Get involved, if it is a small loss to the code.


The new sittings were identified by the characters at the Vron Martorell Conference, where they presented the result for the year. Neekan arrived at the event and found a very common part of VW's concern of Herbert Diess, which is very unusual. Sm recognized that it was not going to run such an event, and so in recent years, he appeared in Seat, according to Mea. This marks the attention given to the Seatune Vi Group, so confirming that charisma and rush de Mea are delivering the results of the pin.

Go back for the week before Seat puts the code, which Seat has in the group, on one boat, it's very hard. In Mlada Boleslav, Diess didn't appear.

Diess dvvv in Martorell, Seat is playing a new part in the Volkswagen Group and has responsibility for football. Indeed, the strength of Suidhe's characters proved to use their complexity to grow and enter new markets, claiming that the stage project for small electric vehicles is a major step towards detecting electricity transfer. for affordable prices. Seat will develop the first electric car specifically designed for travel in the town.

That's why they should get worse in Mlada Boleslav. It is a platform for electricity cars in Fabia, which is the same model. And go for a long time.

Is it a loss or a loss?

Today the Volkswagen Group discusses pephnut for electric driving. According to Diess, the main objective can be to meet European distribution requirements. Luca de Meo for iDNES.cz says that the sign for a full quarter of cars must sell to the plug to halt the Fleet Fleet for 2025.

One of the only elements of the strategy is the MEB specifically developed for electric vehicles. Here the Volkswagen symbols can be used to construct an electric full module. Architecture with batteries on the floor and driving in backbacks, developed under the Volkswagen battalion, were offered to the factory by nmeck e.Go z Cch.

The offer of MEPs as an open platform for members is very interesting. If the platform is good it might mean a new development in the industry and in the past, mention iDNES.cz Petr Knap, a car expert from EY. According to Veeb of MEB, therefore, a slben and free-electricity seat has a high taxation rate.

Seat el-Born

Seat el-Born

It is important to install MEB in Germany for electric cars. The Volkswagens batteries are released from the lead in Emde, Hanover and Zwickau (Zwickau), so the sea has a high profile. He gave the Audi Group German signals with Porsche providing electricity to be included in the second line with models built on the jointly developed Plalat Platium (PPE) platform.

for this reason, koda has to anticipate what it gets out of worry. On the other hand, it is still a major pension. Bernhard Maier's Auto kody Auto group said Auto cabinet consumed 2022 tm 52 million crowns to improve cars for further action.

As well as the Citigo electric, there will be no direct shelf on the shelf, the first electricity code will now be perfectly delivered for a large SUV for a year, and was launched this year by the iV survey. 'motorv show.

A car with a 500-kilometer radius, impressive acceleration and price (probably) of the diesel Kodiaq, from 800,000, will house Mlada Boleslav, where it was developed at MEB.

Volkswagen and the Seat launch electric cars with the size and price of golf golf. Both vehicles will be built in Germany, this year Volkswagen will be proud of the Volkswagen brand, and Seat has a concept which, according to the producer, is very close to the car. This also suggests that Jack is the new pet on Wolfsburg.

Who costs five years?

The question is whether the coders should be informed. Seat is in experimental cocoon work, and the classical coat (except for a new generation and the Volkswagen Passat result) is currently (and, if), the lightning bubbles are getting a hold. Or they could be right for those who say, and progress will be made.

According to Petr Knap à EYne, the new Suat wheel was not completely simple. By accepting that they were in the crowd looking for darkness for each character, he says and reminds me that koda is a big part of world life, such as markets. , Russia and Russia. That's a big wheel. So I think the development of code capability is very innovative.

Set Minim

Set Minim

Herbert Diess changed the code at the Seat conference. He said that the company was responsible for VW's work in India and Russia, which provides great opportunities. And so behind the wheel, develop a new platform for carnival cars for Asian markets, the first for India.

According to the iDNES.cz information, it is a charge from the MQB platform for classic cars, which is mainly used by Leon Leon in Passat after Kodiaq.

Perhaps, from the point of view of electromobility, the mind is not totally under threat, the mind is Knap and he thinks that ten codecs might be given on the market in 2022. And, of course, it is a question. whether we should go ahead with the development of the Quant that VW is able to deal with, such as the vodka driving, solar supply.

Remember that the European automotive industry today is undergoing significant changes and good development: I think it is full for two years and three years. It is more likely to have a driving agreement and the position is clear and in a central horizon. The key factor will be whether the European regulation requires more reductions in emissions or slightly less.

Petr Knap has changed to even the current statements between European makers (PSA, FCA, Renault) and removal of others (Nissan, Honda, Ford), it is likely that the owner and owner of the repetition will be resumed. within five years.

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