Wade SRT through the first Bang Sue electric train – Junction Chira expecting to & # 39; the opening of the auction year & # 64;


Wade SRT through the first electric train

The board agreed to carry out emergency projects Install the electricity system on the long-distance red train Solve the smoke problem from the diesel train to Bang Central Central. Trying to use a minimum deposit of 1.7 billion – ready to submit a 2.3 billion investment into the first electric train. Bang Sue – Chira Junction Expect to be & # 39; the opening of the auction year & # 64;

Wade SRT through the first electric train – Mr Suchit Chaosirikul, Deputy Governor of the State Transport Industry Statements in Thailand (SRT) that the board (board) ruled the instructions to solve the problem of smoke pollution made with the red system (diesel system) long distance entering the central station. Bang Sue in the future This could cause smoke-free smoke in the central station, which is the main air-conditioned room. SRT will accelerate this problem by & # 39; Creating an emergency project to install the electricity system in the long distance of two long distance routes: Bang Sue – Rangsit And Bang Sue – Not ready for electric locomotive supply, and both trains crash to Bang Sue Central Station instead of being & # 39; allows the diesel locomotive to go to Central Central Bang to prevent fog problems

Initially, an investment must be made in the installation of an electrical system on a red line rail area, which is approximately 1,700 million baht. Who is currently compiling the amount of money that will be invested in the project It is intended to send its & # 39; total budget and its recommendation Project to Ministry of Transport. Next week's consideration It needs to accelerate its project to open the service before the official opening of the Bang Sue Central Station in 2021

In addition, the board presented the results that analyzed the system of electronic trains on the dual route (electric train) to replace the train in 4 routes, with the diesel engines, which According to the proposed SRT, Bang Bang – Ban Phachi Junction – Pak Nam Pho, 252 km. Distance, 28,720,240,462, Bang Sue Junction – Ban Phachi Co-signal – Kaeng Khoi Road – Jira Road junction, 243km Dukhaha Stone distance distance 209 km of data 33.572.420.609 billion baht Snaim and Sue – Makassar – Bangkok – Pattaya. Bang Sue – Makkasan – Chachoengsao – Pattaya, 160km high speed, 10,127,296,374 million baht

The survey results showed that the highest value route is accelerated first Bang Sue Junction – Ban Phachi Junction – Kaeng Khoi Road – Jira Road Junction. After this, the SRT must return to an adviser to plan the construction information. It is expected to be completed by mid 2020 and can be opened for auction in about 2021. It provides time for installing the electrical system. And sending a train and you can open for a service before 2023. Keep up with the opening of the red line train

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