Waiting times for knee expansion, hip and cataract will be increased


Finding the independent non-profit organization, 49% of Manitobans within the six month waiting time proposed in 2018 had an ear change, up from 66% in 2016.

Last year, 75% of statistics were in Canada.

Manitoba New Democrat (NDP), Chief Executive of Wab Kinew, behind the reorganization of the province's healthcare system is responsible for the long waiting times.

Health Minister Cameron Friesen says that funding of more than $ 5.3 million has been announced in the last fall to increase the number of hip and knee operations by 1,000 per year.

This additional funding will deliver 2000 additional subsidies in 2019. According to the Minister's office, this is an increase of 16% last year.

The CIHI report shows that 37% of Manitobans have replaced knee replacements within the previous six months, compared to 34% in 2016. 68% of the population are currently living on the knee. the biggest for Canada for a new knee.

It was the percentage of patients who have had a cataract surgery within the last 16 weeks recommended 29%, compared with 34% two years before. In Canada, the figures for 2018 were 70%.

"Fewer Manitobans get the surgery they need in time, means that they have been waiting for months in pain and uncomfortableness," said Wab Kinew.

According to this song, this is having a negative effect on the reorganization of the health system in Manitoba.

“That's what happens when the government is directly targeting costs reduction and meeting the needs of the patient,” he said.

The NDP leader estimates that 71% of Manitobans who were in need of renewal of hobs had been operated in 2014 at the time it was proposed.

The Minister for Health says more people now need these surgeries.

“You have to think about the number of your surgery,” he says. Our population is aging. "

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