Wake up! Por Por Poromena Many of those who have banned the issue have been at risk!


Wake up! Por Poromena Phenomena Many people who blocked control of the dark, want to make the threat.

DisagreementElectoral Commission (Electoral Commission) Ongoing After the association, there is doubt about the responsibility of organizing elections on 24 March. In which the online world is named via the Change.org website, which calls for symbols to be published They appointed this code of office officers to the number of people who signed it Almost nearly 1 million records now and then.

Student groups And the new generation Who is politically active throughout the country, inviting participants of the Electoral Commission to send away University of Chulalongkorn, Thammasat University, Rangsit Center, Thammasat University Lampang Center, King Mongkut University of Technology at Thonburi University and Kasetsart.

What University of Kasetsart There is a shop. Kasetsart University staff The Electoral Commission says that university actions must first agree with activities With your university security unit And many uniformed police officers come along here The university closed its advert, banning students from activities not covered by the university's administrators. T

University of Rajabhat Rajanagarindra Organizing southern activity, he signed the Electoral Commission (Electoral Commission) under the "1 million name, withdrawal, withdrawal #orchop" campaign at the university café.

Later, Deputy Head of Student Affairs Working on behalf of the President of Rajanagarindra University of Rajabhat They have banned such activities By stating the university was not allowed to give your place t No, you didn't know. And when he knew why he ordered it to do so, the officer would check and stop that action.

And declare anyone if they are involved in unauthorized politics. They will continue to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

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