Waleed Tawfiq celebrating a competition from Carthage to Tiree


Arab artist revived, Walid Tawfik, celebrated
Under the support of Tunisian Ambassadors and Lebanon, Karim Boudali
Tony Frangieh and also sponsorship by the Tunisian air.

The festival, organized by "Lighthouse"
For film and television production, he saw Club Deir's arts and cultural festival
Attendance of a selection of artistic and cultural creativity stars and political figures from both countries.

Tunisian president advisers are among the attendants
Dr. Hassan al-Arfaoui and Noureddine Binticheh, First Minister's Adviser, Mr Moufdi Massadi,
In addition to Chief Tunisia of Tunisia Mr Saad Dahesh and program managers Elias Al-Jaraya
Ihab Chaouch, as long as he was also on a special show of the drama writers Tawfiq Jabali and Raja Farhat, and George
Khabbaz, musician Ihsan al-Mundhir and artist Ahmad Badir, artist Samo Zain and Dora actress.

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