Walkers on vehicle equipment were then "embedded" of the state


A picture of the car was suddenly dropped and hit the "level" of the water.

The social network record of the traffic accident recorded in the Mo Tha area, Nam Tu Liem area, Hanoi.

According to the tidy, the black car that moved rapidly went on to the people who were in a hurry. walk.

Stop there, follow his car & # 39; go into the group of people sitting on the seashore.

After stopping, the car was burned. Two men in the car were brought out, with the people on one side; wound out of her car.

Speaking to the event, debated by reporters, the leaders of the House of My House (Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi) said the afternoon crash came 13/11 at the Phu Thu town gate. The event has attended at least three people with a hospital.

The purpose of the event is clearly explored.

Minh Thong

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