Walkers will die after your Rail Rail has been hit


Ottawa's police inspects after the death of a Railroad's train and killed a north-east walker on the Fallowfield station on Saturday night.

The train traveled between Ottawa and Toronto when he was involved in a "tough event" by a pedestrian at about 7 p.m. Speaker of the Kaven Delarosbil Railway was emailed.

Ottawa fans on Saturday night confirmed that the man had been said dead in hospital.

His name is not released.

Insp. François Daoust said in a tweet that the Ottawa Police Service inspectors and the force's forensic unit were on the Merivale and Macfarlane roadside near.

Via Rail was also able to inform travelers of social media that they could expect long-term due to research; police.

Although two trains were delayed – including those hit by the pedestrians – the railway line had no plan to stop further trains, Delarosbil said.

In respect of 9:45 p.m., the 156 passengers on the train involved in the disaster were still aboard, Delarosbil said, and the train would start on a trip when he was allowed.

The passengers on the second train were stopped and they were sent to their equipment "by other transport," said Delarosbil.

The company also has a & # 39; Co-operation with police inspection, said Delarosbil.

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