Wall Street ends in a scattered order, between trade and "closing"


>> Wall Street ends down after mixed results
>> Wall Street wall ends up on Trump speech

Merchant of Wall Street 1st February. Photograph: AFP / VNA / CVN

According to the final closing results, Wall Street's high-profile indexes, Dow Jones Standard Grade, fell 0.21% to complete 25,053.11 points. Nasdaq's index, with its strong technical color, rated 0.13% for closing at 7,307.90 points. The overall S & P 500 index score was 0.07% to complete at 2,709.80 points. "After nearly six weeks of uninterrupted growth, investors have banked trading negotiations as the next fuel for rising prices", replied Adam Sarhan of 50 Investment Parks, but saying that they were" expecting more "expectations of the current debates.

Less than three weeks before the end of a trade truce with the US leader, when no additional installments were made between China and the United States, Deputy United States Representative, Jeffrey Gerrish began inaugural talks in Beijing on Monday 11 February . These speeches are before the Thursday and Friday lectures meeting in Beijing between the main negotiations: Representative of the Office of Robert Lighthizer and Secretary of Finance Steven Mnuchin, the United States and on the side of China, Deputy Prime Minister Liu He, and Governor of Central Bank, Yi Gang.

& Blocking

At the same time, however, the experts were weakened with fear of a new political prize in Washington this weekend. The White House did not Sunday Sunday that a new "closure" could be made if no agreement was reached before 15 February with the Democrats about doing so; wall financing that the President of the Republic, Donald Trump, wants to raise at his / her; border wall with Mexico. "The clock runs rapidly warned of Charles Schwab's researchers, describing the danger of the second political bomb in a few weeks.

An agreement was reached on January 25 to end the paralysis of US administrative parties after 35 days of difficulty, a record in the history of the USA. On bonding market, The interest rate for ten year debt rose to 2.652% at 12:45 GMT, compared to 2,634% on Friday, 8 February at the end, and 30 to 2.993%, compared to 2.980% at the end of last week. Amongst the day's assets, the purchase of the SA Morgan Stanley reservoir for $ 900 million Solium Capital, a Canadian company specializing in a & # 39; management of staff compensation and stock-based operators, which maximize the construction of the financial crisis. The 1.47% title lost to Wall Street.

Nasdaq company allowed 0.41%. Euronext, a European stock market activist, launched the commitments on Monday 11th February to address the US financial center, and finalize the construction of the Stock Exchange of Oslo. Netflix was a huge net of 0.53%. "Roma", one of its productions, has a major impact on Sunday at the British film prizes (Bafta) by winning the best film and director awards (Alfonso Cuaron), confirmation of the location & 39; group now lives in the world. cinema.


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