Wall Street has a strong and strong commitment to celebrating the greatest hope of investors


Following China's good figures and the next meeting for trade war, the final president of the day with the president of Fèidh became calm in the markets.

A solid first day of the year was for global stock exchange transactions; crash this Friday. And favorable data from the service department in China, which added to the next meeting between the Asian giant and the USA for trade war, and the leader of the Fingalians; Convener for calm markets, it has created a better sense in the repositories.

With everything on the board, Wall Street snow workers had buying orders, and # 39; Creating a strong revival in New York planning. The closing of the last session of the week indicated that the Dow Jones rises 3,29%, the S & P 500 3,43% and Nasdaq 4,26%. Apple left its 10% drop again again on Thursday and today up to 4% rise.

Following China's two negative figures that challenge the growth of that country's economy, today's acquisition of deprivation of the private sector – measured by the Index of Purchase Managers (PMI) in December to the highest level in six months.

Another is one of the open campaigns that make comparisons of activities all over the world as a commercial war. But Beijing's next week meeting between China and US delegates could take the important advances to the first debates between Xi and Trump at the G20 meeting.

Today, the Chinese government confirmed in a statement that the US representative group visited an Asian country on 7 and 8 January, and "hosted talks actively and helpfully with its group- Chinese staff "based on the agreement between the heads of the two countries this month. Time in Argentina.

Deer can calmly call

The Officialist Chairman, Jerome Powell, said the entity that he says is patient to assess the risks to the US economy and will change its policy quickly if necessary, but It was clear that he would not take up his position if President Donald Trump asks him.

"We will be ready to change the policy quickly and flexibly and use all of our tools to support the economy, if it is appropriate to keep the expansion forward," he said, says that "a path is not well established for politics."

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