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NEW YORK (Reuters) – Wall Street was struggling for a direction after he had been in a position; fought on Wednesday's start gate as the fear of the investors have caused economic pulling around the world; expressing the spirit of bargain hunters on its new trading year of the new year.

The stock of users' choice of the S & P and the Nasdaq entered advanced, long & The Dow's healthcare and health care companies were.

Healthcare () and the protected areas, such as estate estates <.splrcr> and resources (), which turn the largest to the S & P 500.

The session came to the beginning of the rocky after several reports which showed that there was a decline in a factory industry in China and in the euro department, showing that there was a continuing trade dispute between the United States and China tax on global manufacturing.

How is 2019 going on and with & # 39; worst year for US stocks in ten years in the backscreen, some of the analysts can see "January's impact" to & # 39; attracts museums to the board.

"We had a great quarter and the negative results for the year," said Bucky Hellwig, BB & T's senior chairman (NYSE 🙂 Management of Brambles in Birmingham, Alabama. "But, we would see Fìde more friendlier than we were last year and we can see a little move on the trade talks."

"There are cheap stocks and investors are looking to make money in the new year," said Hellwig.

The General Standard Dow Jones () issued 20.04 points, or 0.09%, to 23,347.5, the S & P 500 () obtained 8.71 points, or 0.35 percent, to 2,515.56 and the Nasdaq Composite () 53.58 points, no 0.81 per cent, to 6,688.85.

Out of the 11 main areas in the S & P 500, six were in positive boundaries.

The energy sources () were smaller than the percentages in the S & P 500, with 1.7 per cent jumping in raw prices. A & # 39; The worst S & P division group in 2018.

Banks received support from Barclays (LON :), when the broker wrote in a search note that the department could be better than S & P this year. The financial accounts, the Dow Jones business averages, were higher with the benefits of Goldman Sachs (N 🙂 and JPMorgan (N :).

Tesla Inc (O 🙂 gave sugar Model 3 less than expected in the fourth and fourth. cutting US car prices as a result of the loss of green tax credit. The electric self-transportation devices spread 6.5 per cent per cent.

General Electric Expand Co (N 🙂 6.6 per cent in heavy trade when stock hunters bought bargains after 56.6 percent in the year 2018.

In the coming weeks, the quarter quarter reporting period will begin. Analysts will see S & P 500 companies that; profit profits of 15.8 per cent, well below the third quarter of 28.4 per cent.

Reservoirs will look at the PMI Thursday report on the US factory's operations, and Labor Department's payment data on Friday, for US economic scam signs very strong.

The US federal government was closed into the 12th day on Democrats' afternoon leading the US House of Representatives, Raising a productivity of transport that could cost in a conference when lawyers will; retained over funding for the US-Mexico border wall.

Improving issues greater than those who are experiencing. declining the NYSE with a 1.98-to-1 ratio; on Nasdaq, a 1.99-to-1 ratio agreed by consultants.

The S & P 500 did not post a new 52-week upgrade and 3 new new posts; 9 Nasdaq Composite recorded 9 new and 58 new enhancements.

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