Wall Street will be completed in a scattered order after mixed results


Wall Street ended up in a rude fashion on Tuesday after a session marked with mixed products from US companies, and investments also make fever before Apple's accounts are released on top-of-the-art technology.

Depending on the final results when they closed, Wall Street's General Street Rating, Average Business Standard Dow Jones, achieved 0.25% at 24,579.96 points.

The Nasdaq, with strong technical appearance, lost 0.81% to 7,028.29 points.

The overall S & P 500 fell 0.15% to 2,640.01 points.

"The top of the season comes to business results and the ones that published the accounts (Tuesday) published miscellaneous data," said Peter Cardillo of Spartan Capital.

Among the companies in the scene, the Pfizer medicine giant 3.14%, the flat that makes up 3M 1.94% special gear removal, the Whirlpool machine maker 9.67%, and Lockheed Martin defense company 1.45% and manufacturer of Xerox 11.40% printer.

On the other hand, the markets were cut by Harley-Davidson (-5.05%), Verizon (-3.25%) and Botox Allergan (-8.55%).

The brokers also showed "weird", according to Cardillo, before they were recently released by Apple after they closed.

The Apple Company has surprised everyone at the beginning of the month, and # 39; warned, rarely, that the sale and sale of an iPhone was worse than expected in the last three months of 2018, and its first quarter of its exercise.

– Results from Facebook –

The stock of the technology department in the S & P 500 lost a 1.01% average.

Tuesday, Apple lost again: spy was found on FaceTime users, their video calls.

Other quotations include the energy supply of a Gas and Electric Company Company (PG & E), which was involved in fatal fires in 2017 and 2018 in California, which was shot on Tuesday by placing it under protection "Chapter 11" provides a lawsuit that allows a company to continue to; usually go safely from creditors and restructuring debts. But his title was 16.49%.

The US highly-integrated Intel has announced plans to expand their production site in Israel, with the ministers of Israel telling that their company has a " 40 billion shillings (approximately 9.5 billion euros) in new plant. Share price fell by 0.36%.

After a midnight year for Facebook, shaken by an almost unexpected disaster, the social network will try to restore confidence in consumers and investors by publishing annual results on Wednesday. The title lost 2.22% before the production night.

The session was also marked when a two-day meeting of the central bank of the United States (Vine) was opened, and thereafter no expected level.

In the connection market, b & # 39; The interest rate on a ten year debt was 2.712% at 21.30 GMT, compared to 2.744% at the same Monday, and 3.044% against the 30 years against 3.066% the previous day.


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