Walter Jones, a conspirator behind Freedom of Independence, died at 76


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Walter B. Jones greatly appreciated his support from the Iraq war

Republican co-operation, Walter B Jones, renowned for changing the name of French shoes in government cafes to "freedom of freedom", has died.

Mr Jones was assisting in attacking Iraq in 2003, and put forward his name in a protest against the face of his face; war.

But at that time there was a whole heart change, and he was one of the most acclaimed religions about his war in his party.

He resigned his position that he died on 10 February, his 76th birthday.

Mr Jones was representing his area for 34 years, initially in the statutory legislation of North Carolina, then in the & # 39; Of Congress.

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At the time of his death, he was retrieved in a nursing home in Greenville, North Carolina, after his chrom was broken. this month. His position stated that his health fell after he dropped on 14 January.

"The Jones company will be remembered for honesty, belief and integrity," said a statement from his office.

"He was never afraid of acting as a principle. He knew because of his independence, and he was very popular throughout the political field. Some may have been agreed with him, but D & # 39; they recognized that he did what he was right to think. "

Freedom fries & # 39;

Like the majority of the Republican Party – and a number of democrats – Mr Jones supported George W Bush's intention to oversee his military force in Iraq over his leader Saddam Hussein.

Mr Bush responded to the attack by saying that Saddam Hussein had developed and hiding weapons destroyed.

France was the one who was there; threatens to break the UN's intentions; allows US military weapons, and # 39; Most of them were in the face of war.

In response, Mr Jones and his Republican, Robert W Ney, stated for a café in the House of Representatives to invent the "freedom freight" and "freedom of freedom".

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It was renamed & freedom fries & # 39; every caller in House.

Both assemblies were successful, and the new names were met with praise and excellence in equal measure.

Iraqi detection weapons were not detected, and it was subsequently abandoned that the war was proven by using illegal information.

At the same time, Mr Jones met the families who believed were killed in the & # 39; war. This caused him a major change, and in 2005 he called on the soldiers to take him home.

He often spoke several times about how deep it was hard to do & # 39; supporting the war, which killed more than 140,000 Iraqi and American people.

"I have sent more than 12,000 letters to extended families and families who have lost relatives in the Iraqi war and Afghanistan," he said to NPR in 2017. "That was for me, asking God forgive me for my mistake. "

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