Wang Dingyu is planning to grant permission for the mainland residence and to send the record in Taiwan. It contains a & # 39; party and move to & # 39; party to refuse other people.

Wang Dingyu is planning to grant permission on the mainland residence and to delete the residence record in Taiwan. The networks are going into the party and their # 39; move away from others.

▲ From September 1, all areas on the mainland began to accept bids for "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Resident Permits". (Sichuan Housing Affairs Office / Office) Political Center / Taipei describing how the MAC suspected his & her; MAC is part of the agreed measures against Taiwan in a "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residence permit permit". It is essential to take appropriate control measures. On 9th, the secretary of DPP Wang Dingyu said he recommended that the "Changes of Human Relations between Two sides within Taiwan" be modified, and that the demand for a major registration to "register" registered by law according to the law "a & # 39; means the identity of the people of Taiwan has lost. Wang Dingyu said that Taiwan's people should have the first part of Article 9 of the Human Relations Regulations between the two sides of the Taiwan Sound, in the family registration or in the # 39; using a mainland passport on the mainland, and that the mainland landing or landing permit on the mainland breaks down the provisions of the previous paragraph. In addition to the specific issues of the relevant authorities, the identity of the people in Taiwan is imminent and the election, removal, creation, restraint, military service, public office in Taiwan, and other rights related to housing registration in Taiwan. Wang Dingyu said that the version of the amendment he is to recommend is to including the "continent claim for a continent" in this code, but if it permits the consent of a mainland permit, Taiwan's identity and rights may re- been updated. However, I am concerned that this article may be brought to Taiwanese and Taiwanese business in Taiwan as a "sandwich biscuits", and so we should talk to the administrative department. Regarding the news that Wang Dingyu wants to change the "Human Relations Regulations between Taiwan's Two sides of Thanksgiving", it would also cause a debate on the internet. Some websites criticized and criticized, "Do not work well in the economy, let people go west to the mainland, and university graduates work on the mainland." 40k for food and food, and who is willing to stay in Taiwan for 23k? "" If you want to be independent, you will be Chinese. The DPP makes the DPP huge. If you do not move, you will kill others. "Party membership), which is now Taiwanese (hukou) who does not agree with them …

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