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The "Dajiang Dahe" television series began on December 10 and was broadcast by Dragon TV and Beijing Satellite TV. Mail & # 39; First broadcast is the first place in the country.

This drama, by Wang Kai, Yang Shuo and Dong Zijian, was made by Fang Zhengwu Sunshine, made by Fang Zhongwu Sunshine. It was made by a producer "The Joyful Man", A Nai "Dajiang Dahe" excellence.

The new drama

▲ The original "Dajiang Dahe" book with a water level of 9.1

The book has a very good reputation among readers. The Douban team is as high as 9.1, which is recommended by readers as "a" compared to the "World Ordinary" and "a book that is" explain the reform and its opening ".

The first "Dajiang River" tells the story from 1978 to 1992, under the backdrop of reform and opening up, the researchers search represented by Song Yunhui, Lei Dongbao and Yang Teng, in the wave of change.

The new drama

The talented and talented talent of Song Yunhui (Wang Kai), but has always been abducted. But he got the opportunity to restore the college entrance test in 1978, took the opportunity, worked hard, became a technical staff of state-owned enterprises, and step step upgrades, and # 39; establishes a successful life, but has been gradually lost in the transformation of the new era.

Song Yunhui's brother-in-law Lei Dongbao is completely different. Lei Dongbao was born in poverty and is responsible for "major and old" Miao Zhenggen, but he is full of activity and has given local people a continuation of the policy in the reform wave. Walk ahead in times. However, due to the low level of its own culture, its vision is not wide enough, and eventually falls into new objects.

If Song Yunhui and Lei Dongbao are the result of the state-owned economy and the general economy, Yang Bang (Dong Zijian) is incredibly self-employed as a typical example of the individual economy. Yang looked at the business opportunities and turned on the characters. After many initiatives and turning into the business area, there is a bit with a & # 39; His own business became a representative of the individual economy.

After the television series got red, it also attracted lots of original powder. The powder of the book found that many changes were still in comparison with the first one, as follows:

1. Family and sister were entrances to the university

In the first "Dajiang Dahe", when Song Yunhui went to the small secondary school, his sister went to secondary school and faced more difficult obstacles. Song Yunhui could not get a place in the secondary school, and graduated from the secondary school through an investigation. In the TV series, the two brothers and sisters were altered to the university at the same time, but the limited quota, and the Yunhui Song statement of the Daily Induction Rules of the People and moved -obrach. I have to say that the situation of Yunhui's song rules is disturbing him.

2. The relationship between Song Yunhui and Yan Shanqing

In the first "Dajiang Dahe", Song Yunhui was released into the Golden State General factory after graduating from the university, and Yan Shanqing informed him. In the television series, Song Yunhui and Yan Shanqing came to become partners in the university. With more opportunities to be together and grow up, there will be a mutual relationship and comparison process. I look forward to their next rewards in school and work.

3, Lei Dongbao continued to die Yunping's long-haired rabbit

Lei Dongbao and Song Yunping are the ones I like in the book. Lei Dongbao is a rough man, just a woman and a coward. In the book, Lei Dongbao and Song Yunping met for the first time, and they were on their way home to the Song family. In the television series, it was time to meet the two who were ahead of the album. When Song Yunping went to her & # 39; market to buy a long rabbit, he almost hit a car. Lion Lei Dongbao, but he stopped his long-haired Rabbit Song Yunping. This has strengthened the conflicts between the two, who also have a " Protecting the path for improvement in addition to the ongoing relationship between the two.

4, Lei Dongbao passed the family family to send the sweet potatoes to her brother; youth

In the original book, Lei Dongbao met Òran's younger brother on the road, Òrain's brother fell, and he built two. Song Yunping was very interested. This book is compatible with the TV series. The difference is the book three. After meeting each other, Lei Dongbao would like to invite the two brothers and sisters to sit at home, but they were worried that there was nothing good for entertaining. In the TV series, Lei Dongbao went into the road and sent home sweet potatoes to the two brothers. (According to careful websites, giving two sisters two, giving a little to the younger brother) An increase in & # 39; This program enhances the character of Lei Dongbao even stronger, and the thick person's face is a child's side.

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