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Wang Yuxing's Comment: Welcome to a major residence permit to be taxed again, real and beautiful? Wind media

In recent days, the mainland authorities introduced a new "residency permit" policy. MAC secondly breached Article 9 of the Regulations on the Relations between Taiwan and Territory People (hereinafter referred to as the Cross-Strait Regulations). Another student believes that the draft Tyrol tax entitlement, if you want to "give home" or "have no accommodation only 183 days of landing place" , are classified as taxpayers, and the income is inside and outside China under taxes. Repayment of tax payments, the author of his / her case; Previously, already voted for a newspaper, this is not to be done again, and in relation to a tax subject again, this text will be examined. According to the opinion of Mr Wang Liming, a scholar of China's mainland law, and Article 15 of the General Principles of Civil Law: "Citizens who use the accommodation as a residence, where the place- The accommodation is inconsistent with the accommodation, and the place of residence is considered to be a living place. " Professor Wang believes that he is a "universal theory"; and Professor Wang is a believe: "Article 20 of the Civil Law" includes "fixed" meaning of a long-term dwelling with "The aim of" to remain truth "is" negotiation. "In accordance to the provisions of Article 9 of the Cross-Strait Rules: "There may not be a family record in Taiwan, or not; use a mainland passport ", and first ask" residence permit "to follow the general rules of the mainland. It is proven that" portion of the housing registration "is not required set up, there is no skin, the skin will add, and where the "habitable" is established? In other words, there are doubts about China's mainland fees as a result of establishing a "place -fuirich. "Certainly, since the definition of accommodation, the two sides of the passageways are different, it can not be the cause of the results: identifying a residential permit, indeed, there is a family registration, there is no Such a thing as to the MAC, enter the first section of the same section The ability for the item. The mainland introduced the residence permit system for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in September ( According to "Governance Court Upper Taipei Taipei 90 Year v. No. 4309 ", the purpose of the Landfill Income Tax Article 1 …

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