Wanna Marchi and Stafania Nobile: "Bho Urso The men have been sent to us. Enrica Bonaccorti?


"They were deceived, but everything was measured"They say it To obtain trademarks and Stefania Nobile after the deliberation it was discontinued by members Live – It's not a Orangethe flagship 5 th platform, hosted by queen "queen", who served nine years and six months in prison – and five opinion leaders. The controversy and words have debated at length. Now they are in danger of increasing their dose. "Canale 5 broadcast the people who speak to angels, the dead and birds: have we been fighting? We were talking at least to the world […] In fact they paid for us. Also, because they didn't pay with cabling … ", they answered Wanna Marchi to those who asked if they had received compensation.

The two men, on Instagram, were also speaking about the landlord. "Barbara d 'Urso?" I had the wrong nameStefania Nobili is always calling me, but it doesn't matter. It was not easy to keep up with work like this. On the other hand, she is doing her game. I never say I don't like it. Her stomach is so hairy. But no one does what she does, but she knows how she does it and that is why she is responsible. You can't have feelings like … […] They're really shocking, "said the girl, just after she had been delighted with the 3,000 followers" earned "by the guest last night.

She also served Stevia and Stefania for the magazine columnists: "There are always balls that run, which have bolted all the balls of Italy." These are the running balls. But it will be the manganese that is cleaned"In particular they attacked Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Enrica Bonaccorti with words that are long gone. La Bonaccorti was explained "fail one"On Cecchi Paone, called" Pavone ", Marchi said:"I wanted to kill him at the end of the transplant, but he got out like a hare ”. We can save you other attractions.

She then called 'what is shame!' Then, they told them how TeleLombardia has canceled their presence, today recorded at 1pm. At the time of the Live Live – Stefania Nobile had said that TeleLombardia "tried" some of their screenings. "What we did, we were doing it on television. As a result, we won not only the bills but also the television we made to catch the air. Even the television, Telelombardia. Already with agreement with Oliva, a writer who has been writing for me for five months, was already a guest. Up to now, we've never had anything, because we don't talk about going on television: let us go where we pay and where we enjoy it. With Telelombardia we agreed to go to live at 1pm the next morning and tell me that the album has changed and that they would talk about the case of Milan. Bull right. I asked to record my room … but anything. Truth cannot be said forever.".

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