Wanted the Indosat Buyers Screensaver, Password: giant Ready for Property Funds


Jakarta – Vice-President number 02 Sandiaga Uno said they had an adult scheme to buy the parts of Indosat back. He said he had received help from Indonesian investors who were willing to help introduce the Indosat sections.

"I was immediately called upon by major investors who are ready to be funded, and not be responsible for the state finances," said Sandiaga at the Djakarta Theater, Central Jakarta, Thursday (03/21/2019).

Sandi also mentioned the Jokowi-ruf National Enterprise Team (TKN) who said Indosat had lost and there was no need to regain the divisions. According to their obedience, there is no need to lose and lose as long as Indosat can support the Single Identification System (SIN) that runs Prabowo-Sandi if selected.

"In fact we are not seeing the benefit or loss of the moment, but data sovereignty, we want to launch large national data and need to be supported by state-owned companies that we manage. T lots of data, "the one called Sandi.
“I'm sure I will be able to manage Indosat well, and both benefits will bring many benefits because we manage a lot of data with the same level of single recognition recognition, Telkomsel we, Indosat will be good. marvelous, ”he said.

Previously, the spokesperson for the Jokowi National Enterprise Team Amin (TKN), Ace Hasan Syadzily, said it was thought that a government-owned Sandi survey at Indosat would be needed to re-examine. Because the telecommunications company is pioneering money with GPRS.

“If we want to bring Indosat back we also need to see the Indosat situation. If we look at the Indosat situation at this time it is not healthy. Why should we buy it, ”he said to detikFinance, Thursday (3/21). (zap / hns)

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