War on Parole. Tanure wants to remove managers – ECO


The war of shareholders is in Parol, the Portuguese company that has 6% of Brazilian's operator and who isBrazilian businessman, Nélson Tanure, wants to remove four administrators at his general assembly on 29 March, including Jorge Cardoso, a signal with the New Bank, and Pedro Morais Leitão.

In a report sent to the Trust and Exchange Commission (CMVM), High Bridge said – its partnership in Parole had been strengthened from 6.71% to 9.99% – three points further – was needed. be for the meeting of the general meeting of the said company.

One of the points reduced is the number of board members of a Parole board from 11 to nine which resulted in the removal of two of the appointed administrators, Mr Bryan Schapira and Aristotle Luís Vasconcelos Drummond, right away. In the document, but not only: High Bridge – a company controlled by Nielson Tanure – abolished Maria's board members for Maria Amado Pinto Correia, Maria Leonor Martins Ribeiro Modesto, Pedro Zanartu Gubert Morais Leitão and Jorge Telmo Maria Freira Cardoso, proposing to replace the four new names for the term for another term in 2018-2020. Names approved a few weeks ago for three years.

The recommended names are Denise dos Passos Ramos, Ronaldo Carvalho da Silva, Carlos Eduardo Bulhões Pedreira and João Manuel Pisco de Castro. High Bridge argues that it is essential to “break the past” by stressing the importance of “meeting Parole strategy”. Moreover, "It is unlikely that there is any benefit in keeping a board of directors with so many members", weighting on High Bridge.

In the background, another goal is to: control Oi, through direct position, but also indirectly, through Parole control. That's currently more than 25 million euro in money.

This proposal has to be the majority of votes in the general assembly, and where there are problems arising: no one is fully aware of the entire situation of a Brazilian industrialist, but there are several sources for shows that it already has around 20% of Parole capital. This CMCM investigates this shareholder role, as Parol has statutory weapons limited to 10% of the votes, so if a career partnership is confirmed, Tanure can only vote with a 10% allowance. .

The other shareholders involved in Particular detail on the New Bank are not 10%, and Oi, whose shareholders are less than 10%. And it will be in this number of votes that it is decided whether or not Tanure's proposals will go to the General Assembly.

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