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After the first part of Diablo, Good Old Games (gog.com) has launched Blizzard's two classic locks on stage sales: Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft 2 Battle.net Edition with main Tides of Darkness and Beyond the Dark extension portal. The titles were tailored to the existing operational systems.

In early March, Blizzard re-affirmed Diablo in partnership with CD Projekt, the GOG platform operator. From the beginning of the Hack's Slay 1997 appeared on a CD-ROM in Europe. To release them on gog.com, the developers have now signed up to today's operating systems to Windows 10. Both companies are now working on a reprint with the first version of the website. T two parts of Warcraft.

Classical Warcraft is available again

On gog.com now you can get Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft 2 Battle.net. The second part includes the basic Tides of Darkness games developed by Beyond the Dark Portal. The press releases say, "The Warcraft version is available on gog.com: Orcs & Humans has been utterly designed for modern operating systems and can be played directly, and Warcraft players can play directly. T 2 via GOG.COM two versions: an updated version that supports high-profile performance presentations and multi-game games through LAN, as well as a classic version of the SVGA graphics and the original piece by classic Battle.net . It is also expected that the two people who came into the GOG family will run the innovative operating systems without tours.

Warcraft (1) costs 5.29 euro on GOG, Warcraft 2 hitting 8.89 euros. Who buys the folder with two titles, after all, it saves just under one euro and pays 13.29 euros. As always, on stage: The games are free of DRM. Battle.net for the multiplayer is partially integrated and there is no need for the same beginner from Blizzard.

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Free on PCGH.de and in the forum forum – know now.

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