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At the end of July, for the first time, adult sexes of the species are found Haylomma marginatum san t-Suain. The ticket will give the recipients of the infectious agents; causes very serious diseases, such as the Hemorrhoids from Congo and Crimea.

National Training Institute (SVA) Now about 30 cases of adult birdbugs from Skane and up to Dalarna. Among these brackets, other specific species has emerged – Hyaloma rufipes, which may be due to spot fever (Rickettsia).

There are usually no diseases in the country. The two species are common in the areas around the Mediterranean Sea, but hot summer has meant that the new fish species has continued to remain here.

– Dying is very tall, saying Anders Lindström at the Expressen State Training Institute.

When the researchers are at Statens A veterinary medicine center started in July to think that a new ticket had come into Sweden; ask the public to enter the tickets to search out closer to their & # 39; case. During the summer, SVA has run to & # 39; research project, which was now completed on October 31, but the researchers have filed an application for the re-summer collection. Its population has been involved and has collected around 4,500 entries.

The researchers are now working on assigning and typing; Analyze the flies to find out what diseases they can carry with them. It will take about three or six months.

Crannogs are usually present in Africa and the southern part of Europe but migrants have already migrated when they are small to me in Sweden and England. Today's difference is that it is not dry enough in Sweden for the clothes to live in our nature. The summer of heat has allowed them to live to an adult age.

– Climate change that means we have very warm summers, which is this type of seconds, says Anders Lindström to Expressen.

About 20% off all migrant birds who come here will carry the tick. At this time, Congo is not immunized in the face of a Congo but does not have to be worried without cause.

– There is a much greater risk of suffering from any of the diseases that are our other games. For example, there is a tbc or Borrelia, saying Anders Lindström.

Hyaloma marginatum, ticead eun migration. Photograph: SVA

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