Warning about it! The photograph that gives Tomasito future accounts in "Hidden Facts"


In the final chapters of Hidden Truths, Tomasito has been stolen by Leonardo. Now that the crime has fallen, his relationship to Eliana is taking care of him.

There are many theories about the child's future in the story: one says that it would be Eliana who was raised, which will give more and more strength.

This imagination could certainly be confirmed by Camila Hirane's actress in this instagram: here is a & # 39; actress Francisca Gavilán, along with a part of the opera of soap opera, and has become fertile.

hidden facts

This is a suggestion that Eliana would have a Record scenes very closely with the Tomasito family, which may be the care of the child. What do you think?

Remember that a few days ago show some information about what's going on; coming for his character in "Hidden facts." After learning that Amelia and Augustine and after his son has been stolen, his character will suffer hard. "From here, Tomás will be new," says Oviedo to the port of Mega.

"He has suffered many historians, who have many characters that polluted or do what they want, but once & they have taken part in Tomasito, everything has an end, "he said.

In addition, the actor "Hidden Truths" says "at the moment we see another Tom, one who gives the other side, one side where he is not going to suffer something and that it can take another role ".

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