Warning of red meat & # 39; from breast cancer specialist!


Lung cancer is usually in the 50-70 age range. Because the disease is genetic, there is a real risk that this can happen at an earlier age if you have people with this cancer family.

1 – 31 March Co-operative Specialist Surgery and Gastroenterology. Dr. Samet Yardimci, "people have to be tested for 50 years ago. Don't eat more than half a kilos a week. Don't eat fine foods, okra, dried figs and need beer."


According to DHA; breast cancer, cancer among death causes in the third phase of Assoc. Dr. “The third most common cancer in our countries is the fourth type of cancer. Epidemic cancer is a serious disease. Therefore many patients may not give a signal. a sudden decline in diarrhea or attacks, going into a possible risk indicator, ”he said.

Assoc. Dr. “Anemia iron deficiency: A patient's shoe can leave the patient without injuries by window. This anemia can be a result of tiredness, compulsion, and excessive stress. it may not be visible for a long time, but it is tested by a blood pressure test in the stool.

Hemorrhage Rinse: Especially near the release of large-scale atmospheric pollution known as mass, colored red blood is evident. Most patients don't care about these blood because they are hemorrhage or fracture. Unfortunately, some doctors don't care about this situation alone by taking evidence for emorrhoids. This is a condition that delays the diagnosis of the disease.

Pain and penguin crabs: In particular in instances of severe disruption, acute to severe pain and development from diarrhea attacks have since been important indicators.

Loss of weight: Without diet and exercise, the loss of non-violent weight can be an important sign not only for severe bowel cancer, but also for a wide range of cancers.


Suppose that eating habits have a major impact on brook cancer, Assoc. Dr. Samet Aux, "Animal contaminants, as well as cereals and sunflower seeds that use colorectal cancer, are more common. We recommend that we reduce the fat content in the diet," he said.


Drawing attention to eating habits Assoc. Dr. Help, "Red meat has been found because of a bit of research, but here we don't recommend cutting the red meat completely, but it's worse to eat more than half a kilogram a week. additional materials such as meat, sausage, processed meat like sausage, fresh meat will always be more dangerous.Provide cancer, high-fat fruits, dried figs, avocados, pears, whole-fiber vegetables, offer protection to the fiber food , peas, artichokes and orak, and liqueurs, lentils, chickpeas and French nuts which have a protective feature, he said.

Demonstration that the marine products of protection have a defense against cancer, Assoc. Dr. The rest, "Seafood is a protective salinity against cancer, and it is useful.

Calcium and vitamin D are all known to have protective effects on cancer. Dairy products should not be neglected. It is important to drink lots of water and have a lively lifestyle. As we know that obesity increases the risk of cancer risk. Too much alcohol also adds to the risk of broking cancer saying, "he said.


Assoc. Dr. Help, "Treatment will depend on the level of the disease with a mass of mass as the most important step. Small tombs can be removed with surgery without a colonoscopy or local intervention can be removed. a laparoscopy (an enclosed sanitary operation) can be removed by the means of insertion into small abdomen with small holes, which should be spread by large surgeons or by other members or the environment. away by an open surgeon, some surgeons can carry out these operations in full-time hospitals, which may have resulted in more successful results in the past.

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