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Due to air pollution, the southwest of Bogotá continues an orange warning and its The rest of the town is still yellow. Although the situation is stable, This week the schedule of the platform and of a prototype has been extended for private vehicles, as well as having to & # 39; restricting a motorcycle.

The amount will be from Monday to Friday, from 6 a. m. at 7:30 p.m. m., and it will work, as a rule, to include how it works; mentions days even and unusual. So, Monday 18 this will begin with a restriction on the travel of vehicle of plates even ready in numbers. This and other measures, such as the restriction on heavy cargo carriageways that are more than two tonnes in the southwest end of the capital, are temporary.

In fact, the highlight and the table that was implemented at this weekend was one of the decisions that the Area action plan identified.
On Saturday the restriction for private cars and motorcycle with schedules was even ready in number, from 6:30 a.m. m. to 6 p. m., and Sunday, for the same vehicles, but from 6:30 a.m. m. to 3 p. m.

During two days of measurement, according to the Traffic Policy, 141 motorcyclists and 166 drivers of private vehicles were charged for a & # 39; putting the rule into a threat.

At the same time, eight polygoned bullying vehicles that were cited as an orange warning, that is, from 13 Street to the South and from the NQS to the River Bogotá were allowed.

According to the Area, according to these measures, air pollution was down by 50%. "There is a good quality of air quality at home, however, we must confirm whether this is stable, that is why we always watch the seven days of the week, 24 hours a day , of the 13 air stations of the Secretary of the Environment, "said Raúl Buitrago on Sunday. , general secretary of the Office of the Market.

Crops and plates

During the weekend, 315 vehicles were ordered, between cars, motorcycles and trucks.


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The officer also took note of the behavior of the citizen of Bogotá, who respected the steps they had, in most of them. On Saturdays and Sundays, the main paths of their township were almost empty.

Juan Pablo Bocarejo, secretary of the Mobility area, said there was an increase in the speed of the most important roads. "On Saturday morning, the average speed was up to 12 per cent in town, evening was 19 per cent, and in the evenings, it was 9 per cent. There was also an interesting impact, and the 50% effects dropped. On Sunday there was an average 4% increase, "explained the officer.

However, all measures for air pollution reduction in Bogotá are not focused on restrictions on mobile sources (transport), which account for 56 per cent of pollution emissions.

According to the Secretary of Health, Francisco Cruz, actions were strengthened against established stores (business), which add 44% of pollution.

"In the southwest zone, yesterday (Saturday) 15 populations and factories that made pollution on Bogota's citizens' airports were closed. We will continue with the closer jobs in this area of ​​the town to continue to reduce levels of pollution, "Robert warned.

The officer explained that they make the dimensions they make; do, PM 2.5 has reached a critical decision at a critical point of over 70 points. But, he clarified, yesterday the signal fell to 35 points, that is, polluting down 50%.

Despite the positive balance this weekend, the authorities do not yet have a "#; raising the orange alarm in the southwest end of the capital or at the yellow in the rest of the town. The steps taken will not be taken back so that the attainment levels can be consolidated and validated. provides an opportunity for the emerging economic crisis of Bogota.

& # 39; Every weekend the pollution is & # 39; go down & # 39;

Daniel Bernal, a Citizen Minister and Sapiens Colombia collector, explained that weather was due to heavy waters and his / her; wind that grew closer this weekend, as well as the steps taken by the District, contribute to the reduction of pollution. However, it maintained that levels of pollution were likely to decrease in those days.

"I believe there has been 50 per cent polluting, but the basic question is what Saturday and Sunday came down," he said. Bernal B said it was important to maintain the high volume and retain a Plate by Area Administration, but put it forward to regulate the goods vehicles more rigorously.

Bernal said it is important to move freight forwarding vehicles. "These restrictions seem to be holding me but I'm saying we need to start managing the management of a cargo, Because unfortunately, the only thing that damages its & # 39; Most, if not height and pest were built according to model to appliance car, "he said.

In contrast, In a technical statement that was distributed on Sunday night, 10 experts from different universities in the town spoke to the front of the crisis and put some suggestions, such as strengthening the jobs in ways that guarantee adequate technical testing of the vehicles.

"By blocking the accumulation of road tanks and building materials to increase the proportion of patterns of patterns. It is essential to stop 100% of the roads, there are permanent programs for cleaning and maintaining the ring road, the dust in the buildings and the arborization and release of the town "is an element of the recommendations, as well as providing customization measures with businesses Use hard and energy fuel.

Other suggestions

The Department of Regional Education recommended parents with children with respiratory illness and who are learning in a school within an orange warning polygon (from 13 Street to the south and from NQS to the River Bogotá) # 39; learning. In addition to this, in this emergency zone, the program went to School; Bicc has stopped him for a short time.

"In this area, there are 476 educational centers (96 official and 380 private) that are usually capable of working. It is recommended that parents, carers and teachers aware of the conditions of student health and, if they have any urgency, immediately inform the 123, "explained.

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