Warranty: We won the 116-110 over Magic



OAKLAND – Dunn na Warriors everyone tonight in London with their third consecutive impact, affecting Magic Magic 116-110.

This one took a lot of work, when the 18-point deficit Warriors put them to Orlando 69-46 in the second half.

Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson joined for 78 points to carry the crime, as long as Warriors were in a position; second protection protection runner for closing.

Here are three warships from a game near the last verse:

Durant and more Durant

With Stephen Curry and Draymond Green out, the Warriors try to fill out a great feeling. Someone has to look for another. Durant has embraced the challenge, and over the last three games he has been comfortable with him.

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Durant's attack at both ends of the force behind the return. It was handled to & # 39; Most scoring, with 49 points in season, and the play, with the help of nine teams.

For a good measure, Durant impeded a couple's reduction, including an incredible bias of idle; Magic magic invasion, Evan Fournier, in the third quarter.

Durant was over 13 plus 40 minutes of activity.

It has 125 pounds over three past games (41.7 each game) on 42-of-80 (52.5 per cent) burning from the range.

Burning Hot Klay

Klay Thomson provided three-quarters of a total of her research in secret for her scenery. Although Durant was pouring in 36 points, b & # 39; Thomson is the tallest player squad with 10 points of 4-of-13 shooting from the range, which includes 1-in-5 deep.

That explains why the Warriors entered the fourth quarter by four.

That's when Thomson finds everything he was searching for. He highlighted 19 points in the fourth quarter of 7-of-10 firing, and & # 39; including 5 out of 7 deep. He finished with 29 points on 11-of-23, 6-a-12 shooting out of the arc.

The 19 points link to Thompson's best job for points in the # 39; fourth quarter.

The skilled people are the problems

Even at the "staggering" basketball age in the NBA, a very skilled traditional venue can make a lot of damage, as Nikola Vucevic Orlando has shown in his / her; this game.

Later, when the Warriors rebuked them, it was a key part of the serious crime of Dragoon.

It does not matter what the great men threw the Warriors on – and tried to meet four different players – Vucevic seemed to have a great deal. The USC 7-foot result was 30 points, 12 reactions and six help.

The most amazing thing that Vecevic worked for much of the game was. He was on his way both inside and on the edge; He dropped in point 3 just for confirmation he could.

The Warriors have not been solved to their fourth quarter, with Kevon Looney who; Play strong protection and help almost every time the Vucevic member got.

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