Warren Buffett reserves to increase your income by 50%


"If you can not communicate, it's like to have a girl's worm in the dark: nothing happens," is convicted of Omaha's oracle.

Warren Buffett's fascinating investor is not going to do anything and he always does not; shows its fans with their advice to improve their investments and / or increase their wealth.

This time, Omaha's oracle is going to catch up for the youth to raise up to 50%: focus on learning to write and write; speak clearly.

"The easiest way to win a 50% extra, at least, you must prove your communication skills, both written and oral," Buffett said in a video posted on LinkedIn on Monday and which is represented by CNBC's website.

The video in which Buffett has been sent to & # 39; published on the social network Michael Hood, a co-founder of a company Voiceflow, which develops and develops its skills, develops and launches for the renowned Amazon speaker, Alexa, without having to know code.

"If you can not communicate, it's like to have a girl's bugs in the dark: nothing happens, you may have the mental ability of your world, but you need to be able to pull it, "said Berkshire Hathaway.

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