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Yao Wenzhi sent off the news conference in the morning and went to the Taipei District Audit Office to report the false report.

Yao Wenzhi sent off the news conference in the morning and went to the Taipei District Audit Office to report the false report. Photograph: Yao Office offers

"King Weekly" said today that the candidate of Taipei Tao Yao Wenzhi changed in 2013. Leaving Yao Wenzhi dropped at 9am in the morning today. He went to Northern Audit to consider the founder of Wangzhong Group, Cai Yanming, chairman of weekly Li Li Yusheng magazine, and president. Li Shiwei, head of commander, went on "Ding Louongong" Law "Criminal Law", because you have not done it, do not be scared to do; behaviors and expects to "Undertake the Law" become unreasonable. Yao Wenzhi said he and his wife were saying "haha laugh" today. He said he did not say to the "Weekly King" today, but also asked the lawyer to go to; keep out to Ke Wenzhe yesterday.

"King Weekly" said Yao Wenzhi turned to Jinhua Street in Beibei on a night in January 2013, and then walked into a building with a mask and a member. Unfortunately in the night, Yao disappeared soon and a winding girl walked out of the house and then Yao. Then go straight to Wenshan District, it is the community winding girl in New Taipei City. Two weeks later, the girl gave a big bag of ginger ducks to the building, and soon Yao Wenzhi did not; use a mask and ad to enter the building. Two people came to the next morning and disappeared.

At 9:45 a.m., Yao Wenzhi went to Northern Survey and told the media he was in. waiting for the media. Yesterday, he named a lawyer for talking to Ke Wenzhe. Then he told Ke P that he was responsible for two things. First, "asked me to make an error out. Due to two things, I've been trying to move Taipei on a big deal Butterfly Wing into a large park in the East. Should a large bigger have to restrict its coin. It is not for sharing the eggs. Ke Wenzhe, who always says in every place, that the DPP's candidate is to divide the eggs, and it's very amazing and says he wants to visit you, as incapable of four years, can not do anything, It's also amazing, believed, and trying to influence voters' opinion. "

The second thing, "The election costs we set out at their conference were twice as high as their cases, but it was out that the DPP candidates cost less than it. Do you believe it? Do you believe it? By constantly stressing it and constantly building myself on election costs encourage others, this is affecting the intention of sending people who are not elected, so yesterday, a lawyer was nominated for reporting.

Yao Wenzhi explained, "Why are you coming to tell me today? I let everyone know. In 2012, I was elected as a ruling. In 2013, the media in Wangzhong Media in Taiwan was against them to succeed. In the end I was a leader of the news and stopped their three-way business. In the media case of Wangzhong in 2013, in fact, we all surveyed in the Legislative Yuan and opposed the opposition. From that time, the Wangzhong pressed the paparazzi on and they always wanted to repair me. These paparazzi here with me for many years. "

He said, "In 2013, there was no way to question me for so many years. Why did I prepare to influence the result of the poll with a piece of mind and a copy of the issue? This is the bullying in long term I said. At last, I translated into the election. The purpose of the intervention was just something else to help the opponent. ; he can find his favorite candidate, at the end of the election, for a number of years. Any evidence, I want to move flowers, and submit, and Then the same report, I want to protect the results of the election, in fact, I saw my wife laughing and laughing in the morning, this is the most polluting thing. Chinese media have translating in Taiwan's elections and want to get the best evidence of Yao Wenzhi to sink. "

Follow the media also to ask why the photo was taken on the building and there was a An angry woman, why she should spend her, Yao Wenzhi said that this is not a fact, just a shift. He said, "It was a very cold winter. I used to wear a coat and ad, I might have a little cold on that day. This is all which is inspired and captured by the wind. "

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Yao Wenzhi sent off the news conference in the morning and went to the Taipei District Audit Office to report the false report.

Yao Wenzhi criticized Ke Wenzhe, he is going to defend himself. Photo: Chen Peijun / photo (photo photo)

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