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NEW YORK – Musicians are hoping to get to the bottom of the stuff but Madonna is not just saying. The singer of Internet servers found their opinion on which she had been in & # 39; including obstacles after giving her an amazing play at a Greenwich Village, Manhattan club at New Year's Eve.

The people were treated like Like Prayer (1989) and Elvis Presley does not support Falling In Love (1961), with Madonna to " supported by her 13-year-old son, David Banda, on guitar.

She showed pictures of the gig that she was sending out; Invasion was more common, and suggested that the 60-year-old could have a surgery, and reported to Fox News.

Although despite some of its owners, they have the right to do anything, write one: "I think the most difficult end to 2018 is to get to Madonna can be accessed without imposing implants. "

Holding out that she is now friends about her scenes, with some Nicki Minaj's compilation, Madonna wrote on Thursday: "Need to seek anybody's agreement. And I would like to have a free free body over my body like everyone else.

"It's a very amazing year. # 2019 # Freedom #Review #nofear #nodiscrimination."

At the club, she had confirmed herself to be strong: "In this new year, we would try to raise people with some unexpected actions. Get outside your belt comfort

"We may get the opening until the light comes in. Let's shut up the distance between one human and another.

"Are you ready to do that?"

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