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Most days before the end of the promotion. Companies who want to do so to 31 March have to pay the price for "Macron" for staff earning less than € 3,600 per month. These devices were completely free of charge to employers such as the employee at the end of the year last year by Head of State, in the crisis of the conflict. T
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Since then, advance payments have continued. Many companies even publish news releases about the topic to show how willing they are doing well. But how many workers benefited? An initial estimate was made just days ago by Acoss, the group that is monitoring the bursaries. Over the last two months inspected (December and January), around 2 million workers were benefited from the measure.

This is especially true for the 8,000 people in the Armonia group, who use business services specifically. They obtained a profit of 150 net euros. “We felt that a company, like our work, should contribute to the national effort, explaining Guillaume Amar, a general manager. We couldn't wait to be deaf to applications, and by not getting over we could pay a large sum. "

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According to Acoss, 11.7% of establishments * have already paid a high price for their staff. Almost a third of large companies (more than 2,000 workers) operated the system: it is nearly three times larger than small businesses (less than 9 staff), which is only 10% in this case.

For the sums paid, they are very unpredictable. According to Acoss, 61% of employees of an envelope received less than 500 euro, and 6% received less than 100 euros. At the other end of the spectrum, 16% of employees achieved the highest of 1,000 euro. On average, employees, regardless of size, have a premium "Macron" of € 448.

The study also shows which sectors were most indebted. Staff in the financial and insurance sector achieved the highest average (781 euro), then those working in making and distributing electricity (773 euro). At the bottom level the section 'transport and storage' (325 euros) and the social activity department (€ 227).

"The payments made [environ 1 milliard d’euros au total] not small, Pierre Madec, not an economist with the OFCE. The likelihood is that it will have a significant impact on the purchasing power of the homes at the start of the year. On the other hand, some companies may benefit from the “suspected” tariff price of a tariff which has been charged to reduce other prices (in line with grants and social security grants). T ) paid during the year. "It compares the number of prices paid in 2019 to 2018, the analysis of Pierre Madec. If the rate is the case, that means the success of the professional. T "Macron" has only been supported by tax relief.

* According to INSEE, the place is "geographically based unit of representation". In other words, the same company may have more than one unit.

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