WATCH: A Blak Chyna includes changing with a pressure in Nigeria


Blac Chyna has never been harassed by a fight, and the television fact was ready to throw a punch while she was in a while; recently visited Nigeria.

Chyna visited the country's mainland, Lagos, to clean skin with surface, but its connection with the brand has not come without social media.

Despite anxiety, he was 30 years old – who is a & n; children's department by Robert Kardashian and Kylie Jenner out of Tyga – went on with the adventure tour, and brought into the worst things when she was run by a car park fan.

In a video shared by Seòde Shade, Cyna shows its output from & # 39; her car and her spell on someone long & her friend is trying to keep her back. Cyna takes her out of the way in an attempt to unleash the unknown person.

At that time, Cyna moved to social media to protect her actions: "It's enough to be able to respond to an investigation but when a person is comfortable and come and your child It's a whole story, "wrote it in an Instagram post.

"I do not oppose violence and I'm not a violent man but I listen to the wonderful mothers that are there that will protect their children as a whole." Love, King and Dreams mommy. "

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