WATCH: Kylie Jenner wants Stormi to say & Kylie Cosmetics & # 39;


Kylie Jenner Stormi's daughter is not really ready to become an ambassador for the Kylie Cosmetics.

It's an adorable video Maintaining with the Kardashians Star posted on Instagram over the weekend, Jenner, 21, attempts to find her 9-year-old child to name her & her; her business, and Stormi wants to make a word easier.

How Stormi will play fiddling with one of the wonderful packages that you have; mother, Jenner slowly recalls, "Kylie Cosmetics" – but Stormi just responds to her.

"Given," Stormi, who raises the gray sweatpant collection and red sneakers, then confirmation.

"Given?" Jenner responds, a & # 39; make Stormi giggle. "Given?"

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"Trying to teach her new words," Jenner retired, earned by her sister and other entrepreneur Kim Kardashian West.

"Good," said Travis Scott, the father of Stormi. "I think I'm thinking I'm staying there."

"Hahahaha Awwww My Gooodness," Module Hailey Baldwin, wrote – has recently changed her recent Instagram to change her marriage to Justin Bieber.

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Jenner is at Stormi on his brain. Earlier of the day, she put a precious selfie post in which she stuck Stormi. In the play, her mother and daughter smile each other.

"Ugh, I love you so much. My heart's breathing bit of life", Jenner wrote beside the picture.

On Saturday night, after Scott Astroworld hosted a guest Fest in Houston, Jenner shared pictures of the rapper who kept Stormi and her. fought about her husband.

"Only the people around you are very aware of how hard you work. I like to watch that you are doing every dream You're really proud of your first fèis. We are so proud to you. We love you, "wrote Jenner.

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"Stormi is busy busy," said Jenner and Scott's PEOPLE 's store in October. "And both of them say they are their parents. Kylie is a good mist. She always talks about Stormi and spending her time with her. "

Jenner has been open about trying for a second child, but she's not ready yet, "continued the store." She likes to be a mom and wants to have Stormi's brother-brother. "

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