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Series "Watch" of the Artegral revision Episode 123 Ertuğrul is the fifth season on the spotlight translating from the Arab News on Sunday 18 November 2018.

With the start of a fifth part of the series of Artagaral Resurrection, people who love this historic drama Return to the specific atmosphere offered by this series. Through the articulation we will learn about the 123 program of the Ertuğrul series and how often its channels. A Turkish superstar of the series on Promo for a fifth part, which starts with a # 39; The first program was on Wednesday, 7 November 2018 after it started on October in October.

Artuğrul Resurrection Part V Osman Hospital, who was a child in Part IV, is expected to have evidence, as there are many conflicts that will be restored again, and despite the success of the great, There is a controversy, There are many non-storey or certified events and many of the imaginative imaginations and false lies, which are protected by the director of the work, confirm that the series tells the story inspired by the story is true and not every event is real, and there is a great interaction for the artwork.

ArtGirl 123 Lighthouse

In addition to the facts and events in the Artegrel series, it has many effects, since the series is coming at a time when it comes to the time. affecting Islamic history, and trying to work to develop and broadcast the concepts in the heart of fans of strength and determination and hope in the atmosphere of the brilliant life of Islamic countries.

Artagirl Series
Artagirl Series

The series of Artegrel

Episode 123 of the Artegrel series as the second program of V TRT channel on the new season of the series is named through brush below.

Frequency of Turkish trt channel

TRT will broadcast one piece of the weekly series every Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. during Cairo, and this is the frequency of the channel.

Frequency of channel
Frequency of channel

Name Canal Canal Moon TRT 1 HD Turkey 11054 V 30000 Türksat 42 ° E

Channel channels of the Artgrel series

These are the analogs of the Artegrel series translated into Arabic on Nilesat.

Channel Name Frequency Moon Qatar TV 10719 V 2750011604 V 27500 Nile Satsheble Sat 4Shbab TV Egypt 11315 V 27500 Nilesat TRT 1 HD Turkey 11054 V 30000 Türksat 42 ° E

It was not confirmed after the Dawa space show for the fifth part of the Artegrel series, and the channel was asked to show the fourth part of the series after the show on the " TRT channel is only twenty four, and we are sure to offer the next hours on the Egyptian channel or not.

Story about the program

The series of Artegarl's rescue was shown on Wednesday, which Osman, a 17-year-old saw in a heroic dress, where he defended an old man from the lads, before being convicted in the hands, Out of the state, and the ambitions in "Sogut", should be followed by "stealing" Artgrel "and saved from One of the Mongols chief's sword, to be surprised that the person who stole him on one of the fans, to give him a new king.

Promo published the new 123 program, which is scheduled to be broadcast next week through the TRT Turkish TV channel, which is waiting for millions of people who like an amazing activity Historically, and after the exciting events in the & # 39; The first section of the new season, which looks at all the spectators 123 series of the Artegral Ferry series next week.

Story about the program

Artegrel recognizes that there is a property in a secret valley in Konya, the seat of the Seljuks, with ambitions of continuity. This asset is transmitted by Bahauddin who supports Mongols, and Artgerel and his warrior are in a position to support the Mongols. Try the success of the mission, as long as the Romans will Ending their design to spread a struggle in Sogut.

The 124 program will be broadcast on Wednesday 21st November through the RTT and will be broadcast 24 hours after Al Yarmouk channel and Da & Sat satellite channel.

Promo published the new program 124, which is expected to be broadcast this week through the Turkish TV TV channel, which awaits millions of people who like to a dramatic historical activity

Following the exciting events of the new season, all spectators are expected to see a series 124 of the Artgerel series next week.

Artgrel continues to & # 39; accelerate with each new program, as it is expected that the new program will bring other improvements from business stakeholders.

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