WATCH: Steenhuisen says that his Parliament does not have a university degree


JOHANNESBURG – DA's Stewardship, John Steenhuisen, has defended himself against his recent lawsuit missing university degree.

He says that the constitution does not allow Parliamentary speakers to gain a certificate.

The Constitution clearly sets out what qualifications it is; to sit in this House, "said Steenhuisen.

"This Constitution lets that particular ensures that it is possible to choose to represent your community as long as you are a brain member or surgeon.

"How urgent it is to see EFF – the name of whose work class – is to argue for some licensing where only those to select university certificates and to attend in this Parliament. "

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He took hold of the EFF saying they are able to represent South African representatives, but they have a problem that does not have a degree.

"The autocompied causes of the academy, which are a small cover in the EFF, try to persecute those who do not correspond to the Their vision is visual, "said Steenhuisen.

"You see, this is the best problem in EFF: they like to play clothes such as miners and homeworkers, but not They do not think that miners and homeworkers are good enough to be a Member of Parliament.

Social media attacks have been under the control of Steenhuisen over his case.

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