Watch: Streaks Human Meteor; Above Los Angeles At the time of the Supermoon


Wingsuit Skipper Mike Swanson is taking center stage in the center of Los Angeles during the main season on March 20, 2019. (Image credit: Michael Clark / Red Bull Content Archive) t

In central Los Angeles, people were deceived by appearing as a flame fireball that staggered over the sky during the night-time on Wednesday, but

As the third perspective and by the end of 2019 signaled the sky, skydivers from Red Bull Air Force jumped from a 4,000ft helicopter above Los Angeles and swam to the center of the river more than 120 miles.

To achieve the flaming fireball effect, Jon DeVore, Mike Swanson and Andy Farrington dressed in winged lights with LED lights and a glittering pyramid as the sun sank and unscathed. rise the great mountain.

Traveling three feet for all the feet down, the south-west plane landed a mile in the Western Isles, where they made a big turn through skyscrapers, including the Downtown Hotel t InterContinental Los Angeles, the tallest building in the west of Chicago.

The winged divers fitted machines equipped with LED and phthaicic lights, as shown here on Jon Devore. (Photo credit: Andy Farrington / Red Bull Content Amar)

The parachute team carried their 1,000-foot parachute, marking the first jump to fall in the center of Los Angeles.

The Red Bull Air Force has a reputation for their off-air flight displays. Previous practices included blacksmiths at the famous archaeological site Petra, Jordan and a world record attempt at Perrine Idaho Bridge.

The team jumped from a 4,000ft helicopter above Los Angeles and went down to the center of Scotland with over 120 miles per hour. (Photo: David Clancy / Red Bull Event) t

How bare residents had been thinking about social media if they saw a meteor, then the Los Angeles Police Department had to t ensure the public tweet.

'PSA: Meteor didn't harm downtown Los Angeles, and it's not, it's not an indirect attack … just shooting a film. This is Tinseltown after that, 'the LAPD decided to make up.

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