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In the first trading day in 2019, A-shares almost did not make an adverse effect, and heavy measurement over its & # 39; board. Out of the top 50 companies in most markets; market in the two villages, only five companies have to convert the stock. The stock continues a strong strong 5G conjecture yesterday, but they can not stop the total decline of their. market. At the end, Shanghai Partners Index fell 1.15% to 2465.29 points, Shenzhen Composite Index 0.91% dropped to 1256.39 points, and the SME Board and the ChiNext Composite Inn fell 0.88% and 0.95% half.

The overall desire of the disk was tough, banks and insurance stocks were still weak, and stock-related performance in Shanghai Automobile and other manufacturing industries was not good. There were also medicinal companies such as Kangmei Pharmaceutical, Jichuan Pharmaceutical, Huadong Medicine, and Lepu Medical. Hold a fight. There are many incentives for falling medicine stocks. First of all, the police are continue a drug purchase policy yet. Second, Kungmei's decline has been in the decline of some of the reservoir's population in other medicine stocks.

During New Year's holidays, b & # 39; China's official purchasing officers (PMI) index for December 2018 was 49.4%, a low table from August 2016. In addition, the PMI Caixin Manufacturing 2018 schedule was December 49.7%, the rate lowest since June 2017. This group as a whole prevents business enterprises. Certain investors can make the relevant stock performance in the # 39; the first quarter, until the purchase is declining, and the sales weight will be reduced; take effect over time.

In addition, the after-holidays market money was very tight. It is reasonable to say that the start of the assets per month is largely widespread, but the level of repository of yesterday exchange bundles is running high, and that national debt price once more is once a 20 %. I have to say that this situation requires people to feeling a bit amazing.

At a single stock level, Eastern Communications continued their daily restriction for the third trading after that, resulting in an increase of 5G concepts, such as Xintian Technology, Eastcom Peace, Nanjing Panda, Daan , and Orvieto Communications. 5G context is a large comparative topic, because this is a # 39; China's leading technology range, and its marketability is a matter of objectivity.

In addition, when the economic signals are going down, the problem is to go to; Increase market construction, especially suspicion of blue-tipped traditional stock. In this case, a variety of different types of imagination with respect to achievement is reasonable. Including the problem "risk-benefit ratio", 5G and other natural subjects will be a good investment target.

Although a market is a? become more consistent for a short time, this should not have this responsibility. Holders can hold shares for a short time, and no money is required due to their one-day breakdown. In my opinion, the money that is a problem that is very easy to solve. Investments may be a & # 39; See actions taken by relevant parties today. In terms of the relevant business sources, and thinking that these types have been changed for a long time, the place for further future fighting should be limited.

Some investors may probably think that they are. First day of the new year to identify Section guidelines throughout the year. I can only say that there is doubt about trust. In 2018 alone, Zhongyang's first trading day closed, but the sales desk was bad during the year.

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