WatchPAT 300 It uses lots of multi-detecting to find the Apnea sleeping at home


Itamar Medical, which the Israeli company launched, is the latest model of the WatchPAT sleep apnea search system. It is used to use patients at home to help clinicians make the case for sleep apnea. Using Tory Arterial Art (PAT) technology, we use it to change the artificial tone in arterial beds. By coming out of coming from oximeter pulse and a heart-level flags, this allows for a blocked algorithm in the juice over and above the center.

The new WatchPAT 300 does not make use of belt or belting belt, like other technologies, and has been made more comfortable and easier to use. It is now able to measure the standard of PAT and pulse level in order to enable it to sleep through rapid intervention (REM). It provides information to clinicians on sleep-level architecture, sleeping efficiency, fitness to sleep, and REM failure.

As the technology is designed to be used within the patient's own home, it is hoped that the results are more accurate and appropriate to establish a basic judgment and remedy.

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