Water flows from the Cauca River through Hydroituango Hydro


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Medellín Public Companies (EPM) will ensure the flow of the river stream; gradual expansion and downstream management of the Ituango hydro-electric project. However, it gives a few suggestions to those who are. live or be in the area during this weekend.

This Friday, February 8, next to 8:20 at night, the first dropped of water began; flowing from the Hydroituango reservoir, through the landfill, exploring the river Cauca stream. Public Companies of Medellín (EPM) will ensure that the "stream increases at an approximate rate of 8 cubic meters per hour for the next 72 hours." (Read: EPM is opening gates 2, 3 and 4 of Hydroituango waterfill)

The Cauca River is estimated to be between Monday and Monday; Normally mature in its current, depending on the historical stages of those times of the year. This evening, EPM published that it opened 2, 3 and 4 hits of Hydroituango landfill, "a large structure capable of carrying the river up to 22,400 cubic meters of water per second. "

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The reservoir started digging with a water page and then put on a stream to try to make the River Chauca standard. The gates opened are 5.4 meters wide, with 19.5 meters wide; height. (Read: The truth about hydropower that they do not want to talk about)

Jorge Londoño de la Cuesta, an EPM manager, said that this promotion is important for the protection of people in Lower Chauca and for the environment, affecting the last days. According to calculations with the company, the death of 50,000 fish would be made, and the experts do not want to have lower recordings in the Cauca stream than they are; see this week. (Read: Did Hidroituango kill the Cauca river? Guidance for clarification)

"We will continue to work to bring back the effects, EPM's commitment is from the beginning of its project, but above because it is part of the & The company has always been, in every activity, the greatest responsibility for the communities and the environment, "said its company. (Read: Magdalena fish, caught by the hydro-electric?)

EPM says that justice does not represent a threat to the communities. However, these are the suggestions for those who live or are in the area:

1. The River Cauca will rise slowly. For this reason, it is important not to enter the river or go to the banks.

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2. The river stream will gradually increase so that you reach a standard level for this time of year. However, if it happens to have a sudden change, it is important to inform the leaders of their clients; cleared community, which will inform the Scottish Town Council of Disaster Risk Management.

3. Except activities such as: shearing, fishing or transport through the waters of the Cauca River.

4. Cell phone recommendation is available (battery and minutes) to make text messaging or messaging if necessary.

5. Stay through local stations and official messages that will be provided by the Chief Executive of each town, Dapard, Red Cross, Fire Fighters and EPM.

6. In order to avoid any fault, social networking and personal conversations, information and content from official sources are required.

7. Remember which place is a designated meeting for your community. If you do not know, community leaders will give you the information.

8. Keep "the box of life" available to carry it if it is away.

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